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The 1st Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition in Manila

I was invited last March 10 to witness the very first Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition held at Buddha Bar Manila. 

Manila's top-notch bartenders went head to head and demonstrated their skills in creating unique tasting rum cocktail drinks. The cocktail drink should be easily replicated and can possibly become a classic cocktail in the future. The winning bartender will represent the Philippines in the 2016 Bacardi Legacy Global Competition in San Francisco in April 2016. 

One of the Bacardi Legacy cocktails, the Daiquiri
the judges

The Top 5 finalists from popular bars and restaurants around the metro showed their prowess in making their own Bacardi cocktail. Here are the finalists and the recipes of their cocktails.  

1. Bequest by Joey Cerdinia of The Exit Bar Makati

1.5 oz. Bacardi Superior
.75 oz. Fresh Lime Juice
.50 oz. Aperol
.50 oz. Home made elderflower Liqueur ( 1 part St. Germaine Elderflower Liqueur and 1 part Sugar 
Lime Spiral for Garnish

2. Island Souvenir by Marnell Masallo of Skye Lounge Fort

60ml Bacardi Superior
10gms Fresh Ginger
10gms Fresh Lemon Grass
10gms Fresh Cucumber
10ml Honey
10ml Lime Juice

3. Little Man by Mark Alvin "Oreo" Tolentino of Revel at The Palace Fort

60ml Bacardi Superior
3 Slices Green Apple
4 pcs Fresh Basil
30ml Fresh Lime Juice
2 bar spoon refines White sugar
30ml Soda Water

4. Kalikasan by Mark Jerrold Bernandino of Scarlet Fort

30ml Bacardi Superior
15ml Triple Sec
15ml Pandan Syrup
30ml Lemon Green Tea
15ml Fresh Lime Juice
Top with Sprite

5. El Tindero by Richie Cruz of Cafe Enye Eastwood

45ml Bacardi Gold
25ml Coconut Juice/Water
25ml Lager Beer
10ml Muscovado Syrup (2parts Muscovado and 1 part Water
4 Dash of Apple Cider Vinegar
Dessicated Coconut with Muscovado Sugar (toasted)

The bartender who will get the chance to compete with bartenders around the globe is Richie Cruz of Cafe Enye with his creation, El Tindero. 

It was truly an amazing night with overflowing Bacardi Legacy drinks and a showcase of local talents. Let us wish Richie Cruz the best of luck for the global competition and hope he bags the international trophy. 

Thanks to Bacardi Philippines and GreenBulb PR for having us. 


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