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Hennessy Meets the King of The Road #HennessyKingofTheRoad

Hennessy, the world's number one cognac brand, hosted an event last week celebrating the iconic symbol of the culture of the Philippines - the jeepney, our King of the Road

The Hennessy King of the Road whose sleek matte black exteriors and refined gold detail, wowed the crowd. It was reflective of the emblematic heritage brand Hennessy has built for over 250 years and ultimately taking its step in embracing local Philippine culture. 

We have enjoyed a menu by Chef JP Anglo of Kafe Batwan and Sarsa, and Chef Jordy Navarra of the soon-to-open Toyo Eatery for their urban version of the Filipino cuisine, best enjoyed with Hennessy Very Special. Lee Watson of ABV crafted special Hennessy cocktails to pair with the chefs' bar chows for the night. 

The three cocktails were inspired by unique Filipino ingredients in line with the Hennessy King of the Road campaign. 


The first cocktail we tried is the Patok, Hennessy VS infused with sili labuyo, honey, calamansi and a dash of vinegar. It was best paired with Chef JP's Kansi Panada with Batwan Gravy. 

Chef JP also served Charcoal Grilled Kare-Kare Soft-Shell Taco with Pinoy Sriracha and Laing on Toast with Talangka Butter and Grilled Coconut. 

Habal Habal

The second cocktail is the Habal Habal, a black pepper infused Hennessy VS cocktail with bay leaf, honey and calamansi, served with ginger beer. It was best paired with Chef Jordy's Pork BBQ with Hennessy. 

Chef Jordy also served Dulce de Leche Bonbons with Hennessy VS, Beef with Star Anise and Crispy Onions (which took our breaths away) and Twice-Cooked Shrimp with Dried Chili and Hennessy VS Sauce. 

The third cocktail is Side Trip, Hennessy VS with white chocolate, hibiscus, calamansi and egg white, served with angostura and peychaud's graffiti. 

I loved the kick of the Habal Habal and the sweet notes of Side Trip. :)

As the event is also a celebration of Philippine art and music, live art was provided by street artist Egg Fiasco. 

Music was provided by local artists Curtissmith, CRWN, BP Valenzuela, Kidthrones and The Diegos.

The Hennessy King of The Road will be reigning over various urban hotspots around the metro. Check out Hennessy's social media pages to know where the King is headed next. 


Hennessy Philippines
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