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I Am Kim: Eat & Drink All You Can

Note: This restaurant is already closed. 

I recently visited Estancia Mall to have dinner at I Am Kim, a modern Korean restaurant specializing in stone rice bowls. They have recently introduced their lunch & dinner buffet, which is now available everyday. 

There are two kinds of buffet you can avail: the Lunch or Dinner Buffet, which includes the unlimited bibimbap and drinks, or the Kim Buffet, which includes everything in the buffet spread except for the bibimbap. 

House Salad

The buffet spread includes Korean salads, House Salad, Rice (both white and Kimchi fried rice), chapchae, Kim's Quesadilla, Kim's Burrito, Kimbap, Korean Fried Dumplings, Korean Sausage, Onigiri, Kimchi Tofu Jigae and Sweet Potato Fries.

Korean Fried Dumpling
My plate
Kim's Quesadilla
For the bibimbap, I had the Umami Bomb while my friend ordered the BBQ Bap

Umami Bomb

The Umami Bomb has homemade Korean sausage, chicken bbq, tofu, mushrooms, beansprouts, egg and umami butter while the BBQ Bap has chicken bbq, beef, tofu, spinach, carrots, beansprouts, mushrooms, kimchi, bulgogi, gochuchang and egg. 

The Umami Bomb has indeed an explosion of umami flavors, but it somehow needed more than umami to have character. Surprisingly, I liked the BBQ Bap because it has more protein than the Umami Bomb.

For drinks, we had Iced Tea but soda is also available. Unfortunately, no desserts. 

Lunch/dinner buffet is priced at Php 499 per person while the Kim Buffet is at Php 299 per person. 

I enjoyed the Korean Fried Dumplings, Salads, Chapchae, Kimbap and liked the Umami Bomb. I wish I could have tried at least one more bibimbap though. 


I Am Kim
Basement 1
Estancia Mall,
Capitol Commons, 
Oranbo, Pasig City
Twitter: @iamkimph 


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