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Guilt-Free Indulgence with The Dessert Kitchen

I love desserts. I eat anything and everything as long as it's dessert. However, I know that I should not eat as much dessert in one sitting as I can only take enough sugar in a day. This is the exact reason why I was so ecstatic when I found out that The Dessert Kitchen is finally opening a store in Manila. 

Originally from Hongkong, The Dessert Kitchen is known for its light and unique desserts. TDK offers low sugar and low-fat content in their desserts, which makes me happy because I can indulge in my favorites without worrying about gaining too much weight. :)

I tried their bestselling dessert, the Purple in Love (Php 258).

Purple in Love

Purple in Love is grape-flavored shaved ice topped with Kyoho seaweed balls (almost similar to sago), mini rice balls, grapes, and taro mochi ice cream. The different textures and flavors from the purple toppings created an amazing party in my mouth. Also, it's not as sugary sweet as I expected. 

I also had a scoop of their Hard Ice Cream - Valrhona Chocolate and one of the sundaes, the Cocoa Kiss (Php 168).

Valrhona Chocolate Hard Ice Cream
Cocoa Kiss
Hard Ice Cream are either served on cones or cups, I prefer mine on a cone, naturally. I love the chocolate bits on the Valrhona Chocolate Ice Cream but the taste of Valrhona was a bit underwhelming. However, I love the Cocoa Kiss, a sundae with these layers - vanilla ice cream, chocolate pearls, banana, cocoa crisps, coffee jelly, and chocolate ice cream. It is heaven in a cup. 

Aside from sundaes and shaved ice, TDK also serves Parfaits - with either low-fat yogurt or low-fat ice cream. I ordered the Romantic Valentine (Php 258) in low-fat yogurt. 

Romantic Valentine

The Romantic Valentine Parfait is topped with strawberries, peanuts, corn flakes, and pistachio crust. I may not be a huge fan of berries, but I love how it blends well with the yogurt, along with corn flakes and pistachio. You'd definitely want to try this in TDK. 

The only savory dish in the menu is the Japadog Eggette (Php 258), a hotdog wrapped in garlic eggette and topped with caramelized onions, seaweed, teriyaki mayo, served with honey mustard dip. 


For some reason (probably hunger), I devoured this dish within minutes and did not regret it. I know you'll visit TDK for the desserts, but the Japadog is too delicious to be ignored. 

For drinks, I enjoyed a glass of the Citrus Soda (Php 128).

Citrus Soda

I had an amazing time at The Dessert Kitchen. Since the desserts are made healthier, I didn't have that heavy feeling after trying out a lot of desserts. A visit is not enough to try all the desserts TDK has to offer, so I'm going back to try the Kanten, Pudding, Japanese Style Brownies, and other Classic Desserts. Also, more Japadog for me! :)

Thanks to The Dessert Kitchen PH for having us.


The Dessert Kitchen
3rd Level
Powerplant Mall
Rockwell Center,
Makati City


  1. Wow so jealous of the dessert overload. hahah pero takaw tingin lang ako. feeling ko hindi ko mauubos yan. I should convince the family to go or sore throat abot ko heheh

    1. You should bring friends or family here, Stacy. hehehe. Or both para marami. :)


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