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Charlie's Grind and Grill Kapitolyo

A few months after visiting their Makati branch, I returned for more, this time in their flagship branch in Kapitolyo. Charlie's Grind and Grill started around as a 'joke' among friends but eventually evolved into a burger hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Kapitolyo. Around nine years later, Charlie's has opened two more branches: Makati and Greenhills and is planning to open up more branches in the next few years. 

We started with my favorite, Black Truffle Fries (Php 210) and Dirty Fries (Php 195). 

Black Truffle Fries
Dirty Fries

The Black Truffle Fries is Idaho potatoes with truffle salt and truffle oil, topped with chicken liver. As I mentioned before, I never visit Charlie's without ordering the Black Truffle Fries. It is really my favorite. A discovery that evening was the Dirty Fries, Idaho potatoes with rock salt, ground black pepper, bleu cheese, bacon bits, tomatoes, green onions, and chicken liver. I haven't tried a combination of these toppings before, and I was impressed that all the flavors worked together amazingly well. 

For pasta dishes, we had the Meatballs Marinara (Php 330) and the Spicy Shrimp Pasta.

Meatballs Marinara
Spicy Shrimp Pasta

The Meatballs Marinara is made simple with huge meatballs on top of marinara spaghetti while Spicy Shrimp Pasta is marinara spaghetti topped with shrimps and jalapeno. I liked both pasta dishes, but both dishes didn't excite me as much as the fries did. 

One of the interesting items in Charlie's menu is the Reversed Buffalo Wings (Php 345 for half dozen, Php 590 for a dozen). 

Reversed Buffalo Wings

The Reversed Buffalo Wings is chicken wings coated in bleu cheese and served with buffalo dip or sweet sauce dip. I love how creative this dish is as I like bleu cheese with the chicken, along with the buffalo dip. You must try this!

We didn't miss on trying the bestselling burger by Charlie's, the Black Angus Cheeseburger (Php 220).

Black Angus Cheeseburger

The Black Angus Cheeseburger hits the spot by keeping the basics: cheese, onions, tomatoes, and lettuce on 1/3 lb black Angus patty. I will never get tired of ordering this over and over again. 

We also were introduced to the newest burgers on the menu. Just last month, three burgers were added to Charlie's delicious burger lineup.

We tried the Five Cheese Burger, Foie Gras Burger, and the Sloppy Burger. 

Five-Cheese Burger

The Five Cheese Burger is 1/3 lb mozzarella-filled Angus burger patty with gouda, cheddar, bleu cheese bits, and cheese sauce on a brioche bun. It's not a secret that I love cheese, and I love how straightforward Charlie's served it. Different tastes from the five kinds of cheese are evident on each bite. 

Foie Gras Burger

The Foie Gras Burger is 1/3 lb Angus burger with foie gras, truffle mayo, gouda, caramelized onion, arugula, and tomato on a brioche bun. This is my favorite among the new burgers. The aroma from the truffle mayo and the texture from the foie gras blends perfectly with the arugula, onions, and the Angus patty. I will definitely have this again on my next visit. 

Sloppy Burger
The Sloppy Burger is Angus patty with chili con carne, jalapeno, onions topped with cheddar, fried egg, and sour cream. I like the spicy kick of the chili con carne and jalapeno, evened out by the egg and cheddar. True to its name, it can get really sloppy while you eat it. 

Another item that you shouldn't miss in Charlie's is the Milkshakes (Php 185 per glass). 


Available in classic flavors (Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry), Charlie's Milkshakes are one of the creamiest I've tried. The serving size is quite satisfying for a milkshake fanatic like me. 

A lot of burger restaurants may have opened the past few years but Charlie's Grind and Grill is still one of the best burger places to go to. I love how creative they are with their dishes (such as a Reversed Buffalo Wings and the Dirty Fries) but still keeping the laid-back vibe that they are known for. 

I will definitely visit Charlie's again soon. 

Thanks to Charlie's Grind and Grill and Zomato Philippines for having us. 


Charlie's Grind and Grill
16 East Capitol Drive, 
Brgy. Kapitolyo,
Pasig City
Twitter: @Charlies_grill 

Other locations are in Makati and Greenhills


  1. Ahh sarap! We used to eat in Charlie's when I was still working at Kapitolyo. Namiss ko bigla! :)


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