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Balay Indang

Our second stop for our Tagaytay B&B hopping is Balay Indang, located in Indang, Cavite. 

Balay Indang is a hidden sanctuary surrounded by gardens and an ideal place to relax, read and bond.

We booked our overnight stay around two months ahead. The couples' rate is Php 3400 per head plus 3% service charge inclusive of 3 meals, 2 snacks and access to all amenities inside the B&B. 

Check-in time is flexible, so we arrived late afternoon to check in. We were served our snacks as soon as we arrived. The communal dining area itself is a lovely sight, with old Filipino displays are mirrors filling the walls and ceilings.

the dining area
our afternoon snack
We were then led to our room, Leviticus. 

inside our room

Our room was quite spacious, with a twin bed and a single bed, a small cabinet and a bathroom with a uniquely-designed shower. 

inside the shower room

We loved the library, the living room where Aaron played piano, but the spot we loved best is the Sanctuary, where we spent the morning reading our books. 

the library
the sanctuary

Another reason that you must stay in Balay Indang is the food. Scratch that, the overwhelming food throughout your stay. :)

From breakfast to dinner, Balay Indang fed us with amazingly delicious Filipino food. The boyfie and I were stuffed with at least four dishes per meal. 

Balay Indang is a bed and breakfast you should visit if you plan on disconnecting from the daily grind and just relax and enjoy the beauty of nature and eat delicious food. 

I would love to return to Balay Indang and stay longer. 


Balay Indang
88 Indang-Mendez Road, 
Indang, Cavite
Contact Details: 0917-8374261 / 0917-8665825 / 775-6886