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Luwak White Koffie: Now in the Philippines!

Coffee drinkers, like myself, are extremely selective when it comes to instant coffee. 

I personally prefer my coffee with milk or creamer instead of black. A variety of blends have been introduced to suit the needs of the coffee drinkers, such as the white coffee. 

Here comes in Luwak White Koffie. 

A product from Indonesia, Luwak White Koffie has changed the game with its creamy taste balancing with the flavor of the coffee, that makes it sweet but not sugary. 

Without completely changing the formula for white coffee, Luwak White Koffie simply tweaked it to keep the rich flavors of good authentic coffee. 

White Coffee, an instant hit among the younger generation, offers a milder taste of black coffee with its cream-to-sugar-coffee ratio. 

Luwak White Koffie is low-acid, so I can have several cups of these in a day to keep me awake while at work or writing new blog posts. 

Suggested Retail Prices are at Php 8 per sachet, Php 80 for a pack of 10 and Php 160 for a pack of 20.

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