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With its diverse culture and abundant resources, it is not a surprise that the Philippines has a lot to offer in terms of authenticity and creativity. Moreover, as we are known to be food enthusiasts, we have a lot of artisan products from each town or city in the country. is newest online food hub where you can buy all-Filipino artisan food products and have delivered at your doorstep. 

Here are some of the brands and the products that they carry:

Pik-A-Pikel Bottled Pickles

A handy baon or pasalubong to bring to family and friends, Pik-A-Pikel makes Pickled Mangoes (Php 130), Pickled Onions, Pickled Papaya and Pickled Radish that you can eat with grilled meats or other dish that you want. 


ChocoVron is a local brand with a variety of polvoron products and other Filipino snacks. 

Two of the most popular products they have is the ChocoVron Choco-Coated Polvoron (Assorted/Cookies & Cream, Php 105).

Other products include the Manila Polvoron Assorted Milk Polvoron, ChocoVron Assorted Polvoron Sticks (Php 105) and my favorite, the ChocoVron Barquillos. 

Pili & Pino Food Products carries a wide range of food products by Pili&Pino, like the pancake mix and fruit jams. I was able to try the PiƱacolada Jam in Coconut Nectar. This one is great with toast or hot pan de sal. 

NutriVron Healthy Polvoron

NutriVron is ChocoVron's sub-brand for healthy alternatives for polvoron, such as the Coco Cream Hearts, with Coconut Milk covered in dark chocolate, and Malunggay Polvoron (Php 105), with wheat and malunggay (otherwise known as moringa).

TheBasics Peanut Butter

My favorite peanut butter is also on, TheBasics Peanut Butter (Php 150) is made from all-natural ingredients: muscovado sugar, olive oil and sea salt. 

Get these amazing products for you, or as gifts to friends and family this season by checking out :)