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F7 Pop-Up: New Food Concepts in One Store

F7 Rallos is one area along Tomas Morato that has been quite popular with foodies. Housing amazing restaurant brands such as Señor Pollo, Purple Oven, Kanin Club and many others, F7 Rallos is truly a foodie destination. 

Here's another reason to go to F7 Rallos -- introducing F7 Pop-Up!

F7 Pop-Up! is a concept store that houses the newest food concepts for six (6) months until they can move forward and expand.  

I have tried the three food concepts currently housed by F7 Pop-Up when it officially opened last November 29. 

1. Sweet Degrees

Sweet Degrees offers two of my favorite things: ice cream and coffee. 

They serve ice cream scoops sandwiched in hot mantao buns. We tried the Chocolate Mudpie Ice Cream Bao (Php 120) and the Salted Caramel Ice Cream Bao (Php 120).

The warm and crunchy mantao buns goes really well with the ice cream. You will need to eat it quickly before it melts. 

Sweet Degrees also serves coffee, both hot and iced. My friend had the Hot Hazelnut Latte (Php 120) while I opted for an Iced Cafe Latte (Php 125).

2. El Roy's Chili Parlor

The latest brainchild from the makers of Señor Pollo and El Chupacabra, El Roy's Chili Parlor serves two kinds of chili -- Medium Hot and Five Alarm. 

We sampled a Bowl of Chili with Fixins (Php 135). 

Bowl of Chili with Fixins

You can also have your chili dishes like the Chili Cheeseburger, Chili & Rice Bowl, Chili Cheese Fries, Chili Cheese Nachos and many more. 

3. Sugarstop Cakes & Pastries

Started in 2010, Sugarstop Cakes & Pastries was home-based business until F7 Pop-Up! opened.

I was able to sample some desserts: Mallow Bar (Php 45 per piece), Revel Bar (Php 40 per piece), Cookie Dough Cheesecake Bar (Php 65 per piece) and Lemon Bar. 

I am biased to anything cheesecake, hence I really liked the Cookie Dough Cheesecake Bar. But I liked the Revel Bar as well. These pastries are also available in boxes. Sugarstop also sells cupcakes, cookies and customized cakes. 

Twitter: @sugarstop 

F7 Pop-Up! is also a space where you can hang-out with your friends while enjoying good food from these concepts. This space is also open for collaborations, workshops and private functions. Try these foodie concepts while they're still there! :)

Thanks to Jhanette Co for having us. 


F7 Pop-Up!
Opening Hours: 11:00AM to 10:00PM Monday to Sunday
Ground Floor, F7 Rallos,
49 Scout Rallos,
Quezon City


  1. Kain galore! Now whenever I see iced coffee I remember Vietnam, people are crazy over iced coffee there. Now that I mentioned it, I'd love to try the iced coffee of Sweet Degrees. By the way I like their name, Sweet Degrees, so catchy.


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