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Escan Manila: Homemade Chorizo at your Doorstep!

I introduce to you my newest favorite breakfast: Escan Manila's Homemade Chorizo. Escan Manila is the brand of Escalante family's chorizo recipe, now made available to everyone. 

Chorizo is the Spanish style sausages, quite similar to our very own longganisa. Escan Manila's Chorizo has two varieties: Hamonado and Rekado, both priced at Php 245. 

What I like about Escan Manila is the packaging. It comes in a microwaveable container that makes it easy to store in the freezer. 

It's also easy to cook: just pop it in the non-stick pan, no need to add oil as the fat from the meat will help cook the chorizo. :)

I love it best when served with a runny egg and fried rice.

I am in love with Escan Manila's Hamonado, as it is quite garlicky and the fat that comes with it enhances the flavor of the chorizo. The Rekado reminds me of Vigan longganisa and can go well with some vinegar. Though with small bits of fat, the finished product isn't greasy at all. I am so impressed with Escan Manila that I could eat it the whole day. 

A pack of Escan Manila Chorizo is good for 3-4 servings and can last for weeks if frozen. 

Order from Escan Manila and pay only Php 35 for delivery fees. I highly recommend that you try this. It is seriously a game changer breakfast for me. 


Escan Manila