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Brown's Gourmet Chicken in Greenfield District

Note: This location is already closed. 

Greenfield District is one of the fast-growing foodie areas near Ortigas. I myself have enjoyed the restaurants located in this spacious area. 

One of these places is Brown's Gourmet, a small restaurant at The Hub in Greenfield District. 

Brown's Gourmet serves affordable comfort food but their bestselling dish is the Buttermilk Fried Chicken. 

For appetizers and drinks, we had the Mushroom + Spinach Croquette (Php 120), Mango + Mint Shake (Php 110), and Cucumber + Kamias Shake (Php 110).

Mushroom + Spinach Croquette
Mango + Mint Shake

Cucumber + Kamias Shake

We loved that the Mushroom + Spinach Croquette was crunchy and wasn't too oily that we enjoyed munching on it till the last piece. While my friend had his Mango + Mint Shake, I was ecstatic to have the Cucumber + Kamias Shake, a veggie smoothie I really love but rarely see in most restaurants. 

For mains, we had the Roasted Tomato Pasta (Php 185) and Brown's Buttermilk Fried Chicken (Php 250).
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Roasted Tomato Pasta
Brown's Buttermilk Fried Chicken
A simple yet delicious dish, the Roasted Tomato is aglio olio pasta with basil and parmesan cheese. It was well-executed and all the flavors are well-balanced. 

The Brown's Buttermilk Fried Chicken has this crunchy skin from the buttermilk and moist chicken meat served with buttered herb rice and veggies. It is worth the price and the visit to Brown's Gourmet. 

For dessert, we had the Churros + Blonde Mocha (Php 120). 

Churros + Blonde Mocha

We found the churros lacking the character we expected. The insides were hollow, yet I should give points for having a generous serving and dip. 

Brown's Gourmet is a not-so-hidden restaurant that is worth trying. Most dishes we had were quite amazing, and the prices were affordable. The service was impressive too. I would love to go back here for my comfort food cravings. 


Brown's Gourmet
Unit 18, The Hub,
Greenfield District,
Mandaluyong City