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Bawai's Vietnamese Kitchen in White Plains

Vietnamese cuisine is one of the most popular cuisines in the world. However, I wasn't able to explore this healthy and interesting part of Asian culinary history as extensively as Japanese, Chinese or Thai. 

I was glad to be invited by Zomato and Cruising Magazine to try one of the 16 restaurants they have chosen for #TravelForFood campaign, Bawai's Vietnamese Kitchen in White Plains, Quezon City. It is also in celebration of Cruising Magazine's 16th anniversary. 

Bawai's in White Plains is the second location of the popular Vietnamese place in Tagaytay. The owners have decided to open up a Manila branch to cater to guests who can't regularly drive to Tagaytay to satisfy their Vietnamese cravings. 

The White Plains location, quite secluded from the road, is spacious and homey. There are also spaces for private functions. 

For starters, we had the Goi Cuon (Php 255) and Bawai's Salad (Php 335).

Goi Cuon
Bawai's Salad

A popular Vietnamese dish, Goi Cuon is veggie rolls with pork, shrimps and vermicelli served with peanut sauce. I did enjoy how fresh and healthy this dish is and I loved the thick peanut sauce that comes with it. 

Bawai's Salad is fresh coconut sprouts with pork, shrimps, herbs, and special dressing. A non-conventional salad, I loved the crunch from the coconut sprouts and the dressing. I would love to have this again next time. 

Vietnamese food is more than vegetable dishes. Our entree for the evening is Com Suon Cha (Php 420).

Com Suon Cha

Com Suon Cha is a double-grilled pork belly with caramel-lemongrass marinade, with mushroom egg pie and greens on the side. I was impressed with the tenderness and the flavors of the pork belly, definitely a must-try in Bawai's. 

We didn't miss out on trying to Pho, so we ordered the Pho Ga (Php 200 for single, Php 345).

Pho Ga

A Vietnamese dinner wouldn't be complete without the Pho. Pho Ga is the traditional noodle soup with chicken, herbs, and spices. Pho is known for the clear broth and the generous amount of herbs served with it. I loved the soothing effect of the Pho as I sip the broth and the balance of the herbs with the chicken. 

For dessert, we each had a serving of Banh Da Lon (Php 65).

Banh Da Lon

Banh Da Lon is pandan and mung bean cake, which is kinda similar to our very own sapin-sapin. I love the simplicity of it, but a bit heavy for dessert. 

Bawai's Vietnamese Kitchen fully highlighted the best flavors in Vietnamese cuisine. I was amazed by both the vegetable and meat dishes. I would love to discover more Vietnamese dishes and will definitely visit Bawai's again soon. 

Thanks to Zomato and Cruising Magazine for having us. 


Bawai's Vietnamese Kitchen
79 Katipunan Avenue,
Bellitudo Lifestyle Strip,
White Plains,
Quezon City
Twitter: @BawaiManila 

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