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Wishbone in Kapitolyo

Note: This restaurant is already closed. 

My friends and I went to this newly-opened wings place in Kapitolyo called Wishbone. 

There was no restaurant sign when we visited, but to avoid confusion, it is located between Tomahawk and The Round Table. 

For the appetizer, we shared a Poutine (Php 149).


I must say that their version of Poutine gave the Canadian dish justice, with Chorizo bits, cream cheese, and gravy on thick-cut fries. We fought for this until the last piece. 

Wishbone offers 9 unique wings flavors, served six pieces per order. We tried the Salted Egg (Php 209) and the Srirachamansi (Php 209).

Salted Egg Wings

I love anything with a salted egg on it but I have never tried chicken wings with salted egg before. I love how Wishbone made it creamy while retaining the coarse texture from the salted egg. Another revelation is the Srirachamansi, a tribute to the popular Thai hot sauce and our very own calamansi. The heat and the acidity of the Srirachamansi were well-balanced, definitely a must-try. 

If you have watched the movie "Chef", then you'll understand why we went crazy when we saw that Wishbone serves Cubanos too. Cubano is a type of pressed sandwich popular in Latin American communities in the States. 

We tried two of their three cubanos: the Chicken Mexicana (Php 219) and the Manila Classico (Php 229). Both are served with potato chips. 

Chicken Mexicana
Manila Classico

Chicken Mexicana has Cajun chicken, chimichurri, and cream cheese while the Manila Classico has roast pork, honey-cured ham, and cheese. I loved the Chicken Mexicana but could have liked Manila Classico if the mustard was tamed down. 

Honestly, there are only a few places that can surprise me with what they could offer and Wishbone is one of those few places that reached my expectations and more. I really want to go back to try their other wings flavors, the burgers, fries, and more Cubanos!


56B East Capitol Drive,
Bgy. Kapitolyo
Pasig City


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