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Sukiyaki Festival and More at Osaka Ohsho!

Osaka Ohsho offers more than their famous steamed and pan-seared gyoza. This rainy season, Osaka Ohsho brings us the Sukiyaki Festival, featuring two new sukiyaki variants and my favorite, beef sukiyaki. :)

We always indulge ourselves with Osaka Ohsho's gyozas: Bacon & Cheese (Php 190 for 6 pcs) for me and Nori (Php 190) for my friend. 

Bacon & Cheese and Nori Gyoza

For the sukiyaki, we shared a serving of a piping hot Beef Sukiyaki (Php 390).

Beef Sukiyaki

It has vermicelli noodles, Japanese tofu, mushrooms, veggies, beef sukiyaki in a sweet and rich beef broth. I really love the flavor of the beef sukiyaki and the tenderness of the meat and veggies. It is surely one of the dishes you should try at Osaka Ohsho. 

Also available is Asari Gyoza Sukiyaki Soup (Php 280), Osaka Ohsho's Nori gyoza with Japanese miso-clam broth, clams and vermicelli noodles, and Gyoza Chicken Sukiyaki Soup (Php 290), Osaka Ohsho's Original gyoza with chicken, mushrooms, veggies, vermicelli noodles in Japanese miso broth. 

 Asari Gyoza Sukiyaki Soup / Gyoza Chicken Sukiyaki Soup

You should also try my other Osaka Ohsho favorites: the Osaka Ohsho Salad (Php 195 for half order) and the Mixed Mushroom and Bacon Teppanyaki (Php 330).

Osaka Ohsho Salad
Mixed Mushrooms and Bacon Teppanyaki

For drinks, try the Mango Yakult (Php 138) and Strawberry Passionfruit (Php 125). 

Mango Yakult and Strawberry Passionfruit

For desserts, Osaka Ohsho has more surprises as they have collaborated with Kumori Japanese Bakery for their newest dessert items. We had the Hanjuku Cheese (Php 88) and the Hanjuku Cheesecake Creme Brulee (Php 170), a perfect pair to end a satisfyingly delicious meal. 

Hanjuku Cheesecake Creme Brulee and Hanjuku Cheese

The Sukiyaki Festival is available for a limited time only, so try it while you still can at Osaka Ohsho. :)


Osaka Ohsho
3rd Level
Mega Fashion Hall,
SM Megamall, 
Mandaluyong City
Contact Number: 09178285011


  1. Is it wrong to be eyeing just the creme brulee? Hahahaha...

    1. Can't blame you. The Creme Brulee was awesome! :)


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