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Pimples No More with AcneCare #MayPagAsaPa

Acne is one of the most common skin problems among teenagers. Also, acne can affect adults. 

What causes acne? According to MayoClinic, the four main factors that cause acne are oil production, dead skin cells, clogged pores and bacteria. Hormones, certain medications, diet and stress are also huge contributors that can trigger acne. 

Here are the basic prevention tips you can do to avoid acne:

1. Use less oil-based skin products. 

Using oil-based sunscreen, cosmetics, and other skin care products makes you more prone to acne.

2. Watch what touches your face.

Avoid resting your hands and other objects (like your phone screen) to your face. 

3. Don't prick your pimples

Just don't. 

Here comes a more effective solution to prevent acne: Acne Care Beauty Soap.

Acne Care Soap has three main ingredients: Bio Sulfur, which helps reduce the oiliness of the skin and prevents formation of pore blockage, Tea Tree Oil, which is clinically proven to have anti-septic, anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties and Ace-B3, a combination of Aloe Vera Extract, Vitamin C & E and Niacinamide B3, which moisturizes skin, prevents photo damaga and free radicals and lightens and clears the skin. 

I replaced my facial wash with Acne Care Beauty Soap and felt that my face is less oily yet moisturized. 

Need to treat your acne? Acne Care Capsules and Acne Care Drying Lotion comes to the rescue. 

Acne Care Capsules has three active ingredients:

1. Lactoferrin - a natural protein from milk which is clinically proven to nourish skin from the inside.

2. Linumlife - one of the leading flax lignan ingredients that helps in the treatment of acne

3. Zinc Gluconate - helps heal blemishes and reduces the androgenic effect of hormones on the skin. 

Take two Acne Care capsules a day for two weeks and notice the huge difference in your skin. 

To take care of those pimples, use Acne Care Drying Lotion. 

It is fast-drying solution to clear those acne spots. Dab the drying lotion using a cotton swab to the problem spots to hasten the drying of those zits and pimples. 

Acne Care Soap is priced at Php 149 while Acne Care Capsules is priced at Php 885 per bottle. You can buy the Acne Care products in Mercury Drugstores, Watsons and Southstar Drugstores. You may also order online at


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