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Orange Pearl Beach Resort, El Nido

Our accommodations during our stay in El Nido Palawan is Orange Pearl Beach Resort. It is located in Marimegmeg Beach, located a few minutes away from the town proper. 

We booked a Concrete Cottage for couples (published rate: Php 2000 during off peak, Php 3500 for peak season). Our room is an aircon room with a balcony, shower room and breakfast. 

Here are the pros and cons if you decide to stay at Orange Pearl Beach Resort:


1. This lovely view every morning. 

Marimegmeg Beach on a high tide

Our room is at the beach front, which gives us this breathtaking view of Marimegmeg Beach as soon as we open our door. 

Marimegmeg Beach on a low tide

2. Free use of the beach chairs and hammock

The resort has beach chairs and hammock at the beach front which the guests can use. Sunbathe, read or even sleep as long as you want to. 

3. Delicious breakfast

Orange Pearl Beach Resort surprisingly serves delicious omelettes, like the mushroom and cheese omelette we had almost daily, served with fresh fruits.


1. The unpaved road

Going to the resort from the highway was a bit of a challenge, as there is only a muddy pathway to the beach resort. Expect to walk 10-15 minutes to/from the resort every time. 

2. The power schedule

The electricity supply in El Nido is somehow limited hence the regular power interruptions. Some resorts in El Nido have gensets, which provided them 24/7 electricity. Orange Pearl instead has posted their electricity schedule. It wasn't a problem for us since we were out most of the day, but if you plan on staying in the resort, make sure to charge everything. 

3. The "fixed" trike fare to/from the town proper

As I have mentioned above, Marimegmeg Beach is approximately 2.5 km away from the town proper, hence we rode trikes everytime. The fixed rate (according to the resort) is Php 150, which we didn't make an argument of though it was obviously overpriced. I'm not sure if it was the "fixed fare" for all guests or for foreigners (I was with my boyfriend, who is American). Even so, this shouldn't be happening. 

4. Overpriced drinking water

Orange Pearl sells small bottles of drinking water for Php 40. Are you kidding me? We need gallons of water everyday. Located far from stores, I was expecting that they'll be providing drinking water for the guests, or at least be selling drinking water by the gallon at affordable prices. But they didn't.

5. Disappointing customer service

During our 5-day stay, our room was cleaned twice at most. The bath towels were provided to us during our last 2 days (we didn't notice this until because we brought our own towels). We got the shock of our lives when they couldn't provide hot water for the sachets of instant coffee they bring out every morning in the resort cafe, only to see the family who owns the resort using the hot water to themselves. 

Orange Pearl Beach Resort has the perfect location but needs a ton of improvement. Personally, I would rather book us an accommodation near the town proper or book another resort should we return to El Nido. 


Orange Pearl Beach Resort