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El Nido Boutique & Art Cafe

The boyfie and I have tried several restaurants in El Nido town proper, but only one managed to impress us. That is El Nido Boutique & Art Cafe. 

The cafe itself is located at the second floor of the building, which also houses a souvenir shop and a travel agency. You'll be asked to leave your shoes at the entrance of the cafe. 

While waiting for our orders to arrive, we were served complimentary bread. 

We started with Mixed Vegetable Salad (Php 130 for small, Php 200 for large), Fresh Lumpia Vegetable Spring Roll (Php 150), and French Fries (Php 110 for regular, Php 130 for large).

Mixed Green Vegetable Salad
Fresh Lumpia Vegetable Spring Roll

French Fries

The servings were quite generous and I liked that the fries and the fresh lumpia wrapper were made from scratch. :)

After a discussion with the boyfie, we ordered the Artcafe Pizza (Php 300).

Artcafe Pizza

The Artcafe pizza is a thick crust pizza topped with tuna, mushroom, onion, tomato, mozzarella cheese, garlic, olives and basil. The egg on the center brings a nice touch to this. The boyfie haven't tried tuna on a pizza before and was surprised that the taste was interesting, which what I thought as well. The pizza was quite heavy but it is what makes it worth it. 

We also had a Banana Chocolate Milkshake (Php 130) and Brewed Coffee (Php 70).

Banana Chocolate Milkshake
Brewed Coffee (finally! <3 <3 <3 )

I must take note that Artcafe is one (if not the only) resto that serves brewed coffee in the area. Imagine our relief, as we were caffeine-deprived for days, when we finally had a sip of brewed coffee. 

I was really happy to have found Artcafe in El Nido. For the reasonably-priced dishes and excellent service, El Nido Artcafe is worth visiting. I wish we discovered this place earlier, we could have avoided restaurants that served us overpriced and mediocre food. 

I do hope that other restaurants in the area would follow this restaurant's example and prioritize their customers more. 


El Nido Boutique and Artcafe
Sirena Street,
Buena Suerte, 
El Nido, Palawan
Twitter: @ElNidoArtCafe