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The Art of Kaminabe and Tobanyaki at Rosanjin, SM Mega Fashion Hall

Note: This location is already closed. 

I was invited to try the newest art of Japanese cooking at Rosanjin Japanese Restaurant in SM Mega Fashion Hall at SM Megamall. 

Rosanjin is named after Kitaohji Rosanjin, a Japanese potter, painter, chef, and gourmand. Opened last 2014, Rosanjin offers traditional food like tempura, sushi, and ramen and modern Japanese dishes like the Tobanyaki and Kaminabe. 

We started with a Kaminabe: Seafood Kaminabe (Php 400 for regular, Php 1000 for big).

Seafood Kaminabe

Kaminabe is a Japanese art of cooking where Japanese paper is used as a pot. The Japanese paper is not made from any special material, it is just an ordinary paper. The Japanese paper doesn't burn while cooking because the heat applied to the paper is not above its ignition temperature. It is said that the paper absorbs the excess oil from the food, hence making the flavor more distinct.

The Seafood Kaminabe is a soy sauce-based soup with shrimps, scallops, and buri. 

The natural flavor from the seafood blended perfectly with the base soup. The boyfriend and I just loved sipping the soup along with the generous amount of seafood and veggies added to it.

We also had the Australian Rib Steak Tobanyaki (Php 380).

Australian Rib Steak Tobanyaki

Tobanyaki is an art of Japanese cooking where an earthenware, called Toban, is used. Toban is made from heat protection clay or aluminum. The Toban makes it possible for the meat to retain its juice and its flavor. 

This dish easily became my favorite, as the rib steak was pillowy tender and the taste uncomplicated but impressive. 

For dessert, we shared a Green Tea Pudding (Php 150).

Green Tea Pudding

Any matcha or green tea fanatic will like this simple Green Tea Pudding. The green tea flavor is dominant in every spoonful.

I have huge respect for Japanese cuisine and I am impressed with the two new amazing types of Japanese cooking introduced to me by Rosanjin. I would definitely return to try more Kaminabe and Tobanyaki variants, and of course, try their sushi soon. 

Thanks to Ms. Tess Tuyor and Vance Madrid for having us.


Rosanjin Japanese Restaurant
3rd Floor,
Mega Fashion Hall, 
SM Megamall
Mandaluyong City
Contact Number: 5315300