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El Nido Travel Diaries: Island Tour C

The most challenging yet exciting part of our trip to El Nido was Island Tour C

Island Tour C rate is Php 1400 per person. It includes the tour guide, lunch, life jackets, and snorkeling gear. The call time is 9:00AM for the island tours. You need to bring your swimming attire, extra clothes, a towel, drinking water, and sunblock. I highly suggest that you bring a waterproof camera for this island tour. 

1. Hidden Beach

Our first stop is challenging as we need to swim (or in my case, float) to get to the small entrance to the beach. The tour guides were quite helpful, especially to those guests who cannot swim.

It gets better as you approach the shore as you can walk towards the beach. 

2. Secret Beach

A smaller yet also beautiful spot is the Secret Beach, where we spent time playing in the sand. 

3. Star Beach

Our lunch spot was in Star Beach, which for me was too crowded compared to our lunch spots in Island Tours A and B. However, we enjoyed sitting on the rock while eating our lunch prepared by our boatmen. 

4. Matinloc Shrine

A mysterious spot in the middle of nowhere is Matinloc Shrine, complete with an abandoned house, an altar and a separate kitchen. 

You must climb the viewing deck for the breathtaking view of Matinloc Island. 

5. Helicopter Island

Our last stop is the Helicopter Island, where we spent the rest of the afternoon. My boyfie spent his time snorkeling while I spent my time snoring. LOL

I wish we had also taken Island Tour D, but we were told not a lot of guests book Tour D. Maybe we should give it a try on our next visit. ;)


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  1. Book nyo na ang next trip with your Bebe, Michy! I'm so happy and kilig for you :)

    1. Yes, soon! Thank you so much, Zai! Kita kits naman tayo. :p

  2. What an adventure! I would love to go to Palawan, too.

    1. You should go to Palawan, Ivan! It's wonderful there. :)


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