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The Art of Taking Time by Swift Premium Corned Beef #mmmTakesTime

Last week, I was invited to an intimate gathering of bloggers to discover the art of taking time with Swift Premium Corned Beef at Pio's Kitchen.

Swift Premium Corned Beef believes that delicious food takes time to prepare, like the slow-cooking process needed to achieve that tender, flavorful and less fatty Swift Premium Corned Beef. 

We had a lovely dinner treat full of well-prepared dishes courtesy of Chef Chin Gallego, chef and owner of Pio's Kitchen. 

We enjoyed Pulled Corned Beef using Swift Premium Corned Beef. 

Pulled Corned Beef on Whole Wheat Nacho Chips

I loved it so much that I had to get myself more servings of this. It was so delicious!

We also had two of her famous paellas: Paella Marisco and Paella Negra with Seafood and Saffron Aioli.

Paella Marisco
Paella Negra with Seafood and Saffron Aioli

We also had the chance to meet Swift Premium ambassador and hand-letterer, Abbey Sy. 

It was relaxing to take a break from typing and go back to the basics of handwriting. 

Along with some art materials, we were given tips and techniques by Abbey on how to create a draft and encouraged us to squeeze our creative juices to make our own lettering styles. My long-forgotten drafting skills were put to test as I had to pencil and ink the layout that I wanted. 

hand lettering attempt: SUCCESS!

After what-seemed-like-a-decade, I was able to pull off this layout. Indeed, beautiful things really take time. 

Thank you so much Swift Premium for the wonderful evening. 


Swift Premium
Twitter: @SwiftPremium 

Abbey Sy