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Kukido by Starry Nights Cafe! #SharetheKukidoLove

The edible cookie dough craze is here!

I was recently introduced to Kukido by Starry Nights Cafe. Kukido is owned by Van and Hana, foodies with a passion for film and pop culture. 

Kukido is purely made from local ingredients, the flour used is heat-treated and the cookie dough is egg-free. Kukido is currently available in two sizes: Han Solo (4 oz) and Share-bacca (10 oz). 

I have tried the 4 flavors: 

Alvin and the Chocolate Chipmunks, or chocolate chip cookie.

Caramel Wars I: The Pretzel Menace, salted caramel flavor with pretzels and popcorn

Nutty Potter and the Order of Crunch, or peanut butter with marshmallows
Endless Hazelnut of the Spotless Oreos, or hazelnut with Oreos. 

My family and I enjoyed all the flavors, but I really loved the Nutty Potter while my little brother prefers the Alvin and the Chocolate Chipmunks. :)

Kukido is priced at Php 80 for Han Solo and Php 180 for Share-bacca. Kukido is available for meetups/deliveries. 

I loved all the flavors and I'm looking forward to what flavors Starry Nights Cafe would introduce soon. :)


Kukido by Starry Nights Cafe
0926-4491152 / 0925-5491152
Twitter: @cafe_sn