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El Nido Travel Diaries: Island Tour B

As part of our El Nido rendezvous, the boyfie and I also took the Island Tour B. 

Island Tour B rate is Php 1300 per person. It includes the tour guide, lunch, life jackets and snorkeling gear. The call time is 9:00AM for the island tours. You need to bring your swimming attire, extra clothes, towel, drinking water and sunblock. 

Our tour group for the Island Tour B was smaller compared to Tour A and C. Our tourmates were a French family and a Russian mom and son. Yes, I was the only Filipino in the group. :p

1. Pinaglugaban Island (Snorkel Site)

Our first stop is a dive and snorkel site. We were given ample time to snorkel in the blue waters. 

The underwater scenes are so gorgeous that we could only stare and marvel on how beautiful the island is. 

When we were about to go to our next stop, a fisherman offered us fresh lobsters for Php 2000 for 9 pieces. Our group decided to divide the amount for the whole lot so we can have lobsters for lunch. YAY! 

2. Snake Island

Our lunch area for the day was in Snake Island. Nope, the island isn't full of snakes, but it was named such because of the snake-like sandbar connecting the island to another island. You can literally walk from Snake Island to go to the next one. 

While waiting for our lunch, we climbed up the viewing deck for the breathtaking view of the island.

Snake Island is also made more interesting by this naughty creature who stole my banana while I was eating my lunch. :p

And our glorious lunch finally arrived.


3. Cudugnon Cave

After our lunch, we headed out to Cudugnon Cave. The cave has a small entrance that could only fit one person at a time. Our guides put lifevests by the entrance so nobody would get scratched by the rocks.

The cave has 'rooms', high ceiling and a 'staircase' that only the adventurous can climb to the top. 

4. Cathedral Cave

We were only able to take a glimpse of Cathedral Cave, which usually could be swam by guests until they reach the cave entrance. However, the strong waves and huge jellyfishes didn't allow us to do that. 

5. Pinagbuyutan Island

Our last stop is the Pinagbuyutan Island, where A and I relaxed the whole time. 

We saw a coconut juice vendor on the island and got ourselves coconut juice for Php 50 each. 

Island Tour B is probably one of the most interesting island tours I had. It was a mix of good company, lovely views, friendly tour guides and delicious food. 

More El Nido stories soon!


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