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Earth Kitchen Opens in BGC!

Note: This location is already closed. 

I was invited last week to visit Earth Kitchen's second location at Bonifacio High Street Central. Their first location is at White Plains, Katipunan Avenue in Quezon City.

Earth Kitchen is a joint project of Got Heart Foundation, Hizon's Catering, Chef David Hizon, and Chef JR Trani.

Most of the ingredients they use are directly sourced from local farms from Luzon to Mindanao. The ingredients are free from any chemical and harmful inputs. Moreover, Earth Kitchen proudly makes all their dishes from scratch - from the pasta to the ice cream. :)

While waiting for our food, we had Organic Juices: Calamansi (Php 110) for me and Sugarcane (Php 120) for my friend. Both drinks taste fresh and not too sweet. As I've been craving for mushroom soups, we shared a bowl of Fresh Mushroom Soup (Php 200).

Organic Calamansi and Sugarcane Juice
Fresh Mushroom Soup

The Fresh Mushroom Soup is a combination of shiitake, button, milk, and abalone mushrooms. This is one of the best mushroom soups I had in Manila (second to Marriott Manila's CRU). I highly recommend this!

We also had Shrimp Spring Rolls (Php 220 for regular, Php 325 for large) and Watermelon & Rocket Salad (Php 300).

Shrimp Spring Rolls
Watermelon and Rocket Salad

The Shrimp Spring Rolls has four pieces of rolled shrimp with herbs, greens, and peanuts served with lime hoisin sauce. The Watermelon and Rocket Salad is arugula with edible flowers, pili nuts, homemade kesong puti with balsamic vinaigrette. We loved how fresh both dishes are, especially the colorful Watermelon and Rocket Salad. 

For pasta and soft tacos, we were served the Mushroom Ravioli (Php 400) and the Braised Pork Shoulder Soft Tacos (Php 205 for 2 pcs, Php 300 for 3 pcs).

Mushroom Ravioli
Braised Pork Shoulder Soft Tacos

The Mushroom Ravioli has kesong puti, shiitake, button, and milky mushrooms, pili nuts and light cream sauce. We were astounded on how flavorful and creamy the filling in the ravioli is. Surely, I would order this again on my next visit. 

Another delightful dish is the Braised Pork Shoulder. The meat is quite tender with the added crunch from the cucumber and peanuts, with a kick from the lime hoisin sauce. 

For the mains, we had the Chicken Kebab (Php 390) and Braised Bacon (Php 580). Contrary to beliefs, Earth Kitchen serves meaty dishes. Delicious ones, in fact. :)

Chicken Kebab
Braised Bacon

The Chicken Kebab is served with tzatziki and grilled veggies on a bed of Ifugao rice pilaf or flour tortilla while the Braised Bacon is a huge slab of bacon served with red cabbage and marble potatoes. I was impressed by how well-executed the Chicken Kebab is. This version of chicken kebab is more impressive than most Persian restaurants I've been to. The Braised Bacon is any bacon lover's dream dish. The meat is a perfect balance of fatty and lean with the flavor distinct in each bite. 

For our dessert, we had the Goat's Cheese Ice Cream (Php 270).

Goat's Cheese Ice Cream

The Goat's Cheese Ice Cream is drizzled with wild honey and topped with dried figs and cashew nuts. I was impressed by how the milky taste complemented the figs and cashew nuts. It was a good palate cleanser after a heavy meal. 

I was surprised at how delicious the dishes of Earth Kitchen are. Each dish was carefully plated and masterfully prepared. In Earth Kitchen, you will not only dine for healthy delicious food, but you'll also be helping local farmers by eating their produce. :)

Thanks to Pinky Parra of Got Heart Foundation for having us. 


The Earth Kitchen
Upper Ground Floor
Bonifacio High Street Central,
Taguig City

Other location is at White Plans, Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City


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