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Walking Around Taipei: Wufenpu Market and The Last Chicken Chops [Day 5]

Our last day in Taiwan was relaxed as we only planned to buy pasalubong before going to the airport. 

We chose to have a comforting breakfast at McDonald's near the Zhongxiao Dunhua MRT Station. 

breakfast at McDonald's

Along with Sausage McMuffin, Brewed Coffee and Hashbrown, I also got the Corn Soup. 

Wufenpu Garments Market

We spent the rest of our day shopping for pasalubong. Wufenpu is located near the Houshanpi Station (MRT blue line).

It is normal to see people pulling trolleys of bags full of clothes as Wufenpu is known as a wholesale market. It opens at 11:00am until 9:00pm on weekdays and until midnight during weekends. I bought a few clothes for myself and for my family and found the prices cheaper than the stores in Shi Lin and Ximending

Personally though, shopping for clothes in Taipei is significantly pricier than shopping in Bangkok. A blouse could be as cheap as NT$350 (Php 507), depending on how much you buy in a single store. I tried to haggle but most shops (if not all) didn't give me a discount. Maybe I didn't buy much? Oh well.

Return to Lee's Chicken Chops

Out of all the lovely restaurants near Zhongxiao Dunhua station, we only wanted to have Lee's Tea Shop's Chicken Chops. 

We lost our way while looking for the shop (we couldn't read the Chinese street signs) and relied on memory. We were about to give up when we saw it. It felt like we saw the light. LOL

My friend and I both got Chicken Chops (NT$50 or Php 72) and Salt & Pepper Fries (NT$50 or Php 72).

Going Home (Taipei to Taoyuan Airport)

After getting our things from the apartment. We headed out to Taipei Main Station and walked towards the Taipei West Station Terminal. 

Mind you that there is almost a 2-km walk from Taipei Main Station to the West Station, so it would be better to get a cab or a bus to the West Station, if possible.

Taoyuan International Airport is located 40km away from Taipei so I wouldn't recommend that you ride a cab directly to the airport. From West Station, we paid NT$125 (Php 181) each for the bus to the airport. The travel time is 40 minutes on average, depending on the traffic. 

Our trip to Taiwan is probably the most 'relaxed' trip I had, I only wished we put more time planning the whole trip and went to nearby provinces. I would definitely love to go back to Taiwan to see the countryside and eat as much street food as I can. :)

Note: NT$1 = Php 1.45


Lee's Tea Shop
(beside PremiHomme)
Lane 233, Section 1
Dunhua South Road, 
Da'an District,
Taipei, Taiwan


  1. I enjoyed reading your Taiwan blog entries! Really helpful as I am heading to Taiwan this May. Thank you!

  2. thanks tho i was looking for the Wufenpu wholesale market hehe


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