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El Nido Travel Diaries: Island Tour A

I don't really travel during summer except for this year when the boyfriend, A, was here for vacation, so I packed my bags (and a huge bottle of sunscreen) and flew to our first stop: El Nido!

Good Morning El Nido! :)

El Nido is a town located around 240 km north of Puerto Princesa, Palawan. It takes 5-6 hours drive from Puerto Princesa (PPS) to get there. I have traveled to Palawan two years ago but stayed in Puerto Princesa. It was nice to be back at this paradise, this time with the better half. :)

We booked Island Tours A, B, and C via Sealand Ventures, the El Nido partner of my trusted Palawan tour agency, La Tiara Tours. 

Island Tour A costs Php 1200 per person. It includes the tour guide, lunch, life jackets, and snorkeling gear. The call time is 9:00AM for the island tours. You need to bring your swimming attire, extra clothes, a towel, drinking water, and sunblock. 

1. Big Lagoon

There are three lagoons in the tour, one of them is the Big Lagoon. We stayed long enough to take photos and get awestruck on how beautiful the spot is. 

Big Lagoon is the most photographed spot in El Nido. It appears on almost all sites promoting El Nido. 

2. Secret Lagoon

Secret Lagoon is more challenging as we needed to enter the lagoon through a small hole. 

3. Simizu Island

We had our lunch at Simizu Island. I guess we were too hungry that we didn't even take photos. LOL

4. Small Lagoon

The most exciting part of the tour is getting inside the Small Lagoon. You either have to swim or rent a kayak to get through the small hole (like secret lagoon but big enough to fit a kayak). We paid around Php 400 for a kayak. 

I suggest that you rent a kayak instead of swimming unless you're a trained swimmer. 

We really enjoyed kayaking around the lagoon, well, I enjoyed sunbathing while A kayaks for the both of us. :P

5. 7 Commandos Beach

Our last stop is not really an island but a part of the town of El Nido, the 7 Commandos Beach. 

We were given more than enough time to explore the beach but we opted to sit in one of the cabanas to cool down and appreciate the scenery.

More El Nido stories soon! :)


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  1. Yun eh, luma-love life hahaha... I have no pictures sa Big Lagoon dahil sa water damaged phone ko. :(


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