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Weekend Dinner at Ye Dang

I have been working in Ortigas for years but I haven't been to Ye Dang until recently when I had dinner with my workmates and A. 

A really loves Korean food and he was so excited about trying Ye Dang as well. 

Ye Dang is quite popular among those foodies who love Korean food. It's a shame that I haven't been here before since it's so near to my workplace. Oh well...


Like any Korean meal, we started with the appetizers or banchan. The banchan available during that evening include fish cakes, tofu, kimchi, anchovies, and gamja (potatoes). 

We started with Pajon or Seafood & Beef with Green Onion Pancake (Php 300) and Bibim Nengmyum or Spicy Cold Noodles (Php 250).

Bibim Nengmyum

Pajon is the Korean version of an omelette, quite simple yet filling. A insisted that I try the Bibim Nengmyum so I did. I liked it a lot because it wasn't so spicy and I need my carbs. :P

We also ordered Japchae (Php 300) and Tteokbokki (Php 300).


The Japchae wasn't as impressive as I expected but the serving was generous. The Tteokbokki could be more exciting though.

For grilled meats, we had the LA Galbi or Sweet Beef Ribs (Php 400) and Dak-Gui or Grilled Chicken (Php 300).

LA Galbi

Dak Gui

My forever date, A, expertly taught me how to wrap grilled meat (I forgot to take a photo, sorry): add some meat, rice, and kimchi, roll and eat. I skipped on the kimchi though, I prefer adding something salty (like anchovies) on it. 

There wasn't any dessert on the menu, but they served us pineapples. 

Ye Dang is one of the go-to places for Korean barbecue cravings. The dishes were delicious but could be better. However, the prices were very reasonable especially for our huge group of nine. I'll probably visit again should I crave for something grilled. 


Ye Dang Korean BBQ Restaurant
88 Meralco Avenue, 
Ortigas Center, 
Pasig City


  1. I got one question.. how's the ventilation? .... hehehehe :D :D :D

    1. Depends on the crowd. Ask for the table nearest to the AC. :)


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