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Amazing Finds at Bellysima! 2015

I spent the Independence Day weekend hunting for delicious food finds at Bellysima! Food Festival at the Glorietta 5 Activity Center. 

From the organizers of Mercato Centrale, Bellysima highlights artisan products and healthier food choices. 

Here are the vendors that caught my tastebuds:

1. Wise Eats Foods

Ms. Marlyn of Wise Eats offer nitrite-free artisan sausages and preservative-free fruit butter, marmalades, and pickled veggies. 

We tried three kinds of sausages: Hungarian Sausage (Php 70), English Bangers (Php 80), and Pusta (Php 100). I loved all the sausages but my favorite was the English Bangers. 

Ms. Marlyn also runs a culinary studio teaching food business ideas like meat processing, baking and 
infant nutrition. 

2. Milkman Dairy Bar

I have been very curious about the edible cookie dough by Milkman Dairy Bar and I'm glad to see them at Bellysima. Owned by Bea and Davi, Milkman Dairy Bar offers edible cookie dough flavors such as S'more Nutella Please for Php 140, Everything Nice, Red Velvet Oreo, Grandma's Chocolate Chip and the newest flavor, Peanut Butter and Jelly for Php 130. 

I suggest that you also try their Cereal Milk for only Php 130 per bottle. :)

3. Mrs. M's Classic Recipes

Mrs. M's Classic Recipes offers a lot of things for cooks and foodies alike: bottled spices which you rarely find in grocery stores, baked goodies like mango bars (the bestseller), brownie crisps and the showstopper: the Chocnut Spread (Php 195).

The whole family and I are so addicted to the Chocnut Spread. I would love to buy more next time. 

4. Armanisee's

Probably one of the simplest stalls is Armanisee's with their very own Honey Calamansi Juice with Cucumber (Php 35 for small, Php 40 for big). I love drinks with cucumber and I love how they blended it with calamansi. 

Try their Nachos (Php 120) as well. Their cheese sauce is amazingly delicious!

Other food finds spotted in Bellysima:

Granolee Cubes

Chocolate Mangoes (10pcs for Php 280, 20pcs for Php 550) by Cocoa Monsters

Fudge Spiced Duo (Php 50 per pair) and Chili Coffee by Kurikipu

Organic mangoes by Only The Good Stuff

Organic honey and other honey-based products by Milea Bee Farm

Dolci Coffee Jelly
Also at Bellysima is Dolci Coffee Jelly, Mio Gelati and many more. 

Good news! You can catch all of these food products and more at Bellysima every Friday and Saturday, 10AM to 10PM at the Glorietta 5 Activity Center. Drop by and discover gourmet and healthy food items you'll definitely like. See you there! :)


Wise Eats Foods
Culinary Studio
Contact Numbers: 09257850058, 09275189414

Milkman Dairy Bar

Mrs. M's Classic Recipes
Contact Numbers: 09173201044, 09209024342, 9114291, 9114249


Only The Good Stuff
Contact Numbers: 09178993020, 09228990031, 6220032