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Desserts Made Easier by Dolci Coffee Jelly

Summer has arrived! It's the best time to bond with family and friends, and create delicious treats to cool down from the heat. 

Here's a new product that will surely make dessert-making easier: Dolci Coffee Jelly.

Dolci Coffee Jelly is a ready-to-eat coffee jelly made from coconut gel and roasted coffee beans. 

You can use Dolci Coffee Jelly not only for desserts, but also for beverages.

Last weekend, my sister and cousins added Dolci Coffee Jelly to their homemade milk tea. 

Milk Tea with Dolci Coffee Jelly

You may also add this to frappes, iced coffee and even hot coffee. :)

I have also made a simple coffee jelly dessert by adding all-purpose cream, condensed milk, grated cheese and Dolci Coffee Jelly. 

Dolci Coffee Jelly and Cream Dessert

Put it in the fridge before serving, or put in the freezer for an ice cream-like consistency. 

You may also add Dolci Coffee Jelly to a scoop of vanilla ice cream, or you can eat it straight from the jar. 

Dolci Coffee Jelly is available in Landmark, Cherry Foodarama, Cash n' Carry, selected Robinson's and Waltermart outlets for Php 50 a jar. For other coffee jelly ideas, check out their website.

Thanks to Jessica of Reysons Food Processing for sending me jars of Dolci Coffee Jelly. 


Dolci Coffee Jelly


  1. A coffee jelly in a jar? Why not! I'd probably enjoy this one because you know, I love coffee hahaha... Happy Easter Michy!

    1. You should try this, Marge! Happy Easter too! :)

  2. Wow, it goes well with everything! ( As coffee always does :) Mag panic buying ako nito sa payday :)

    1. Push, Zai! I think you'll love it. :) Bagay sa mason jars mo. :)

  3. Wow will try this for sure! thanks!

    Let's connect!


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