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2015 Cocktail Festival with Matthias Giroud at Buddha-Bar Manila

Last Friday, my friends and I witnessed the amazing one-night-only Cocktail Festival with Matthias Giroud at the Buddha-Bar Manila.

Matthias Giroud, the Chief Bar Manager of Buddha-Bar Worldwide, demonstrated 8 cocktails he created himself. A few guests were lucky enough to be served the cocktails personally prepared by Mr. Giroud. 

Here are the cocktails he prepared that evening:

BB World Fusion Concoction. When Japan Meets The world.

1. Japan Mexico
Tequila-infused Japanese tea-flavored cherry blossom, yuzu juice, and Japanese sake syrup

2. Japan Brazil
Cachaca-infused Jasmine green tea, plum mix, lime juice, agave syrup, and sparkling Japanese sake

3. Japan France
Cognac from France, yuzu juice, honey, and homemade Japanese smoked tea soda

Buddha-Bar World New Collection. Flavours and Experiences!

4. 100% Vitamine
Vodka, fresh carrot juice, fresh apple juice, celery, campari, and homemade apricot yuzu jam 

5. Tom Sour
Bourbon, fresh pineapple, fresh ginger, combawa essential oil-infused honey, and lime juice

6. Hot Magic Princess
Vodka-infused dry elderflower, homemade Damiana syrup, cassis liquor, raspberry puree, and ginger Damiana foam

Surprise Unique Creations for Makati. Limited Edition.

7. Makati Cloud
Tequila, fresh grapefruit juice, mint, vanilla sugar, calamansi, campari, and soda water

Matthias displayed his mixology master skills with a cooking cocktails demo for the last cocktail, the Fire Dragon Cooking Cocktails. 

8. Fire Dragon Cooking Cocktails
Rum overproof, fresh mango, homemade 5 spice syrup, yuzu juice

We also indulged with these delicious bar chows:

Spicy Maguro Maki
Spicy Baby Slammers
Petite Spring Rolls
Cracker Maki

It was a really enjoyable night at The Cocktail Festival by Buddha-Bar Manila. I look forward to more delectable cocktails and mouthwatering bar chows soon.

Thanks to Rhey Recto of Buddha-Bar Manila for having us.


Buddha-Bar Manila 
Picar Place, Kalayaan Avenue,
Makati City
Twitter: @BuddharBarMNL 


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