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Get to Know The #PerfectCoke ! #SarapNgFirst

#PerfectCoke FTW! 

Coca-Cola has always been a part of our family. It is not uncommon to see a bottle or two (or sometimes more) in our fridge, as our family loves pairing this refreshing drink along with our weekend lunches and meryenda. Though I'm cutting down my 

But did you know that the perfect temperature for Coke is 3 degrees Celsius?

How do you turn Coke into the #PerfectCoke

There are 2 ways!

1. Store your Coke bottles inside the cooler (or Coke barrel) with lots of ice.

the Coke Barrel :)

Chilled at 3 degrees :)

2. Chill the Coke inside the freezer for a few hours. 


In all honesty, the perfect temperature makes a huge difference with the taste, it was as if I was drinking Coke for the first time. It is an awesome way to celebrate or just because you want to drink Coke, hehe... :P

Turn your Coke into the #PerfectCoke now! 

Thanks to Coca-Cola Philippines for sending me the #PerfectCoke :)