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Señor Pollo Famous Latin Chicken

A long weekend has allowed my foodie friends and I to explore this part of town and give Señor Pollo a try. 

Señor Pollo is located at F7 Building along Scout Rallos. The first floor is the counter where you order your food before you get seated on the second floor, which is the bar and dining area. 

We had a whole, well, two halves of Señor Pollo Roast Chicken (Php 239 for half and Php 129 for a quarter) with sides of Fried Plantains (Php 35 for 6 pcs, Php 45 for 9 pcs), Spicy Rice (Php 45) and Patatas Bravas (Php 50).

Señor Pollo Roast Chicken with sides: Patatas Bravas, Spicy Rice, Fried Plantains

What made Señor Pollo popular is their Latin chicken AND the chimichurri sauce. The chicken itself is flavorful and seemed to have been marinated well as the insides were quite tender and juicy. I couldn't complain about the sides either as everything complimented the chicken. 

We also tried the Carne Asada Street Taco (Php 100) and Jalapeño & Cheese Quesadillas (Php 118).

Carne Asada Street Taco
Jalapeño and Cheese Quesadillas

It was said that the Street Taco we were served was similar to the ones their sister restaurant El Chupacabra has. It was delicious but not as impressive as I expected. What I loved was the Jalapeño and Cheese Quesadillas, with the right amount of heat mixed with the melted cheese bursting with flavors inside my mouth. 

I was very satisfied with my experience in Señor Pollo, never mind the chicken aroma that sticks to your clothes. The prices were very affordable and the service was excellent. The place gets really crowded during lunch and dinner so try to come early. 

I would love to give this another try, probably with booze this time.


Señor Pollo 
F7 Building
Scout Rallos, 
Tomas Morato Avenue,
Quezon City

Other location is at Makati City


  1. Señor Pollo is latin chicken love! =)

  2. Hmm... Next time Imma give this a try. Sayang, busog na tayo the last time we saw this place. Ay ako lang pala busog hahaha...

  3. GUTOM MODE!!! Tacos... hmmmmm!!!!! Pakain ka naman :D

  4. I super enjoyed Senor Pollo too! But I always buy take away! Hindi ko kayang maghintay! Hahaha.. :) I so love their chimichuri sauce! As in I order extra pa and eat it with rice! Hahaha!! :) I hope we can catch up soon!! Date tayo ulit!!!!

    Love, Didi


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