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Cafe Flafe

Note: This restaurant is already closed. 

I found out about this small Korean cafe in the middle of Ortigas from Instagram, and I have been wanting to try this place for the longest time. 

Cafe Flafe is a flower shop and cafe in one. It is amazing how they decorated the limited space to a garden-like environment, decorated with real flowers. 

I wasn't in a mood for coffee so I settled with Hot Choco Mallow (Php 130) while my friend got Matcha Greentea Smoothie (Php 145 for 12oz, Php 150 for 16oz). 

Hot Choco Mallow
Matcha Greentea Smoothie

There wasn't anything extraordinary about the hot chocolate but my friend liked her Matcha Smoothie. 

We also had Kimchi Pizza Toast (Php 180) and Choco Bread (Php 140).

Kimchi Pizza Toast
Choco Bread

The toasts remind me of the ones I had in Cafe Shibuya, but a simpler version. I liked my Choco Bread though I originally ordered for Mango Bread which was not available at that time. We were both surprised at how delicious the Kimchi Pizza Toast was. The cheese complements the spicy kimchi along with each layer of bread. 

Cafe Flafe also has a unique variety of tea, pasta, and bingsu. Though the drinks and food we had weren't extremely impressive, I would still go back to this place. The prices were reasonable and the staff was very friendly. I would love to try the coffee and bingsu soon. :)


Cafe Flafe
118 Grand Emerald Tower, 
Garnet Road, 
Ortigas Center, Pasig City
Twitter: @CafeFlafe_RP 


  1. First, I like the name, Cafe Flafe, so unique. And what is it with Korean cafes, why do they all look cute?!

    You weren't in a mood for coffee? That's unexpected hahaha...

    1. It's natural for them to be cute, I think. haha. Yeah, I was trying to sleep earlier that time. hehehe. :)


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