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Marikina Food Trip: The Snack Shack

Have you experienced the extreme lust to try out a restaurant and find that it's closed? It feels like heartbreak.

That's how I felt when I tried to visit The Snack Shack in UP Diliman a few months back. Imagine my delight when I found out that they opened a branch nearer to me. So when we planned to have a food trip in Marikina, including this place in the itinerary was non-negotiable. Because I said so. 

This small burger joint wasn't difficult to spot. It was only a few meters away from OLOPSC, a school in Marikina. 

The smell of burger patties was so enticing you wouldn't have second thoughts on which food to order. 

With a pretty straightforward menu, we all chose to have a Quarter-Pounder with Chiz (Php 70). The burger takes a while to cook, but it was really worth it. 

Quarter Pounder with Chiz

It wasn't the perfect burger, the bun was a little burnt, but the patty was very flavorful. Tone down the dressing please, I want to taste the beef more. 

While I settled with just the Fries (Php 30), my friend Niki had Bacon N' Fries (Php 50). I love that my friends are more daring than myself.

Bacon N' Fries

I appreciated that they use real potatoes for the fries. 

Unfortunately, bottled water wasn't available so we all got Dad's Root Beer (Php 30). Not bad. :P

The undying curiosity was finally satiated. It is no wonder a lot of burger fanatics go at lengths to visit The Snack Shack. A 100% grilled beef patty for as low as Php 70? Who would have thought that it still exists, but it still does? 

The Snack Shack, please don't change. :)


The Snack Shack
36 General Ordonez Street,
Concepcion Dos,
Marikina City

Other locations are UP Diliman and V. Luna


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