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Marikina Food Trip: Crazy Chicken

Note: Crazy Chicken was rebranded to Chicken Studio last March 2018. 

Our second stop for our Marikina food trip was Crazy Chicken, located along Lilac Street. 

I eat chicken almost every day, but we still went on to try this place because of one flavor I haven't tried before: the Black Listed or the chocolate-coated chicken. 

Crazy Chicken has 6 flavors: Korean Spice, Original Buffalo, Garlic Parmesan, Soy Garlic, Lemon Pepper, and Black Listed. 

We settled with Wings Solo (4pcs, Php 109) and Drumsticks Solo (2 pcs, Php 109). Other serving sizes available are Duo (8 pcs of Wings or 4 pcs of Drumsticks for Php 213) and Family (16 pcs of Wings or 8 pcs of Drumsticks for Php 428).

Thankfully we can have it in different flavors. For the wings, we asked for Black Listed and Soy Garlic while our friend asked for Korean Spice and Black Listed. The orders are served with dips (sour cream, garlic mayo, and honey mustard), but honestly, you wouldn't need any of it. 

Drumsticks (Solo) - Black Listed and Korean Spice
Korean Spice
Wings (Solo) - Black Listed and Soy Garlic

I was surprised at how much I loved chocolate on my chicken. I have never imagined that chocolate would taste good on crispy chicken skin. I was almost tempted to ask for more chocolate!

The Soy Garlic was also delicious, but maybe I was too much in awe with Black Listed that I wasn't able to appreciate it as much. I was happy to skip Korean Spice, it was really, really hot for my taste buds. 

Aside from chicken, Crazy Chicken also serves pasta, pizza, burgers, and other comfort dishes. 

It was amazing that weird combinations can actually turn out to be really delicious. 

I shall be back for more, Crazy Chicken!

Thanks to Chad for introducing us to this place.


Crazy Chicken
56 D Lilac Street,
Conception Dos,
Marikina City


  1. Ehhh? Chocolate on chicken? Whoa. Now that's something very new and odd! :))) I'm glad to hear it tasted okay though. I still can't believe it, but haha! Nice post!

    1. It's weird but I'm craving for it for days! hahaha! :)

  2. Hmmm... I've only tried "chocolate" chicken wings at a resto in Podium, and I liked it too! Sayang this is too far from our place. Their flavors sound so yummy...I like this type of chicken too!

    1. It was also a bit spicy. I think I forgot to mention, haha. A trip there is really worth it! :)


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