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Euro Diner & Bar, Chiang Mai

After our day trip to Chiang Rai, we were tired and extremely hungry from the long drive back to Chiang Mai. Still, we managed to walk around the city center to look for a decent resto to eat. Either than or McDonald's (which is quite near our guesthouse, btw).

We found this resto, Euro Diner & Bar, located along Ratvithi Road. My friend might be craving for Western food, after all. 

Turns out both of us wanted to stick to Thai food, which was also on the menu. 

Coconut Shake

We both requested to have Coconut Shake, and we were served the cold drink with this lovely orchid. 

We got Pad Thai Chicken (59 Baht or Php 80) and Grilled Pork in Lemon Sauce (79 Baht or Php 107).

Pad Thai Chicken
Grilled Pork in Lemon Sauce

Despite my love for Pad Thai, their version wasn't that memorable to me, or maybe I had better Pad Thai the day before (*ahem* the one I cooked *ahem*). 

The grilled pork was a little tough, but the spiciness was strong enough to tick me off. It really awakened my senses that I needed a lot of water to wash the taste off my palate. This would be better if we ordered some alcohol as well. 

Despite the slow service, the friendliness of the crew (including the owner, who thanked us on our way out) completely made up for it. I would have loved to stay longer, get some drinks, and watch a football game, but we badly needed rest so we had to leave quickly after we finished our food. Maybe next time. ;)


Euro Diner & Bar
34 Ratvithi Road,
Chiang Mai,
Operating Hours: 7:30AM to 1:00AM


  1. I love Thai food and always order Pad Thai whenever we're in a Thai resto. It's weird though that the one you tasted in this resto wasn't up to par with your expectations. I mean, they're in Thailand so you'd think their Pad Thai would taste great.

    1. Maybe I just had better Pad Thai before I went here.

  2. Their food presentation is lovely! I want their Grilled Pork with Lemon Sauce, the tender version, that is. -- Maria Teresa Figuerres

  3. wah you were in Thailand? I'm planning to go here this March! Actually I'm still deciding if I want to go here or in Cambodia.

    *reading your old posts - haha antagal ko nawala* (^-^; )

    1. Yes, this was last October. I still have a few more Thailand posts to publish. hihi. I missed you here! Hope we can have coffee soon! :)


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