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Candy-Making Fun at Made in Candy Philippines! #madeincandyph

We were invited at the SM Megamall branch of Made In Candy to personally experience how their candies are made. 

I would always stop by this branch to watch how the candy chefs create candies from scratch. Incidentally, this is their biggest branch in Manila so far. 

While waiting for the sugar to boil, all the things needed to make candy were neatly set in the warm table. The warm table keeps the sugar from hardening. 

our project today! :)

My baby siblings were tasked to knead the candy into rectangles. 

After forming a circle, here goes the final wrap..

Then stretching it!

Then cut into bite-sized pieces. Hurray! :)

Rainbow Rock

The leftovers were made into lollipops. Fun! 

Candy jars with assorted designs are available at all Made In Candy stores for Php 90 for the small jar (35g), Php 150 for the medium jar (70 g) and Php 260 for the large jar (135 g). You can also get foil bags at Php 50 for the 30g and Php 100 for the 70g. You can also get lollipops and limited edition Christmas candy cane for Php 70 each. 

You can also have customized candies for a minimum of 4 kilos (equivalent to 114 pcs of small jars, 57 pcs of medium jars, 29 pcs of large jars, 57 pcs of 70g foil bags or 133 pcs of 30g foil bags).

Thanks to Made in Candy Philippines for the awesome experience and for these candies! We really had a great time. :)


Made in Candy Philippines
UG/F Mega A,
SM Megamall,
EDSA cor. Julia Vargas Avenue,
Ortigas Center,
Mandaluyong City
Twitter: @madeincandyph 

Other locations are in Powerplant Mall, Alabang Town Center and Glorietta 4


  1. I likey!!!!!! wait .. may sugar free ba sila??? waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  2. sarap maging bata ulet ohh hahaha may mga ganyang activity na ngayon sa mall hahaha sa lahat ng sm sa pinas eh meron bang ganyan or dyan lang madaluyong?

  3. Super cool! I'm planning this as a giveaway on my wedding! naks! :P Ang saya palang gawin! :D

  4. This is a really fun experience for both kids and adults! Easier pala gumawa ng rainbow kasi layers lang, we made a clover I found it so complicated lol.

    1. Really? The difficult part was the outer layer I think for the rainbow rock. hehe. :)

  5. Wow, you guys get to make the candies! How cool! I remember watching one cooking session, I think it was in Glorietta, and the process took some time. I was so amazed by the result.

    1. Me too. The kids and I were astounded with the finish product. Cute noh? :)


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