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That Boat Noodle Hunt in Bangkok: Doy Kuay Teow Reua

While I was planning for my trip to Thailand, I was supposed to go with whatever food I see on the streets. But when I read about this hidden boat noodle place in Bangkok, the food hunter in me was ignited. 

So after we went to Vimanmek Mansion and Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall, we found ourselves walking around Victory Monument to search for the so-called 'best boat noodle restaurant'. 

Boat Noodle is a Thai noodle dish with beef or pork in a thick brown broth that has cinnamon, star anise, or sometimes blood. It was called such because it used to be served on boats. 

It was an open-air restaurant located at the back of the temple. Staying true with tradition, the counter is also shaped like a boat. 

The staff could barely speak English but we managed to get our orders: one pork and one beef boat noodle for 15 Baht each (Php 20). 

We were also given fried wonton and veggies to add to our noodles. Like a Filipino carinderia, we got a bottle of soda (12 Baht or Php 16) from the fridge ourselves. 

Topped with liver and meat, the boat noodles are extremely flavorful, with a hint of spiciness from every sip of the broth. I really needed to add the crispy wanton and veggies to balance the flavor. You may also add pork crackling to add texture to the noodles. We both decided not to add pork crackling because the boat noodles alone were quite filling. 

We paid a total of 68 Baht (Php 92) for two bowls of heavenly noodles (with add-ons) and two bottles of soda and went on to our next stop with smiles on our faces. The hunt was worth it. :)


From BTS Victory Monument Station, walk towards Victory Monument on the left side. Turn left to Ratchawithi Road, walk towards Ratchawithi Soi 18 Alley. Walk 200 meters until you reach the back of the temple, where the restaurant is located.

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Doy Kuay Teow Reua
Ratchawithi Soi 18, 
Thanon Ratchawitchi,
Bangkok, Thailand


  1. Whoa! That's so cheap. Good find Michy :)

    1. Most places we have tried in Bangkok are cheap. Thanks Carla! :)

  2. wow! so dirt cheap! it's like you want to take a lot home with you kung pwede lang. =)

    1. True! Wish we'd have something like this in Manila. :)


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