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Paragon Food Hall at Siam Paragon, Bangkok

Bangkok is known not only for its temples but also for shopping. As much as we have loved to explore the malls, we only managed to go to one: Siam Paragon. The good thing about it was we got to visit this mall twice: during our first and last days in Thailand. 

From our house, we rode the SkyTrain from Surasak (S5) to Siam (CEN) Station for 31 Baht (Php 42). Exit 1 will take you to Siam Discovery and Siam Center, Exit 3 to Siam Paragon, and Exit 5 to Siam Ocean World or the cinema. 

Beside Siam Paragon is Siam Center, where other high-end brands like Forever 21 are also located. Siam Paragon is more for the upper class and for tourists, given the convenience of its location. I wasn't able to do some shopping though, as Hermes and Armani aren't within my budget, but we were able to do two things I love here: eating and grocery shopping. 

The Paragon Food Hall may be the poshest food court I have ever been to. Even the payment scheme is high-tech. :p

The food counters don't accept cash, so you have to go to the concierge to exchange your baht to the food hall cash card. It doesn't have any minimum amount, so I just exchanged the exact amount of the food I was buying. 

During our first visit, I ordered Japanese Ramen with Tonkatsu on top for 150 Baht (Php 204), while my friend ordered Hainanese Chicken Rice for 100 Baht (Php 136). 

Ramen with Tonkatsu
Hainanese Chicken Rice

I love how generous and hearty the broth my ramen, it was a bit too much for me that I got to share it with my friend. 

For our second visit, which was a few hours before our flight back to Manila, I opted to have a Shrimp Pad Thai for 125 Baht (Php 170) and Iced Coffee for 35 Baht (Php 47) while my friend had Roasted Duck with Rice for 100 Baht (Php 136). 

Shrimp Pad Thai with Iced Coffee
Roasted Duck with Rice

Aside from the Paragon Food Hall, other food chains are also located on the same floor, like Burger King, McDonald's, KFC, and Starbucks. But really, why bother when there's a clean posh-looking food hall at the corner?

For Thai food products, there's the Gourmet Market where we bought most of our food pasalubong to friends. Milk tea, Sriracha, Coffee, and many more. Quite convenient for travelers and tourists as the mall has a concierge where you can leave your luggage while you go shopping. 

I would love to explore this place more (and the other malls) on my next trip to Thailand.


Siam Paragon
991 Rama 1 Road,
Bangkok, Thailand


  1. Wow, the food looks good and everything's affordable! I feel hungry now XD

    1. That Pad Thai was the most emotional meal I had. hahaha. :)

  2. I must say I am impressed. A posh food court, just wow!


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