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Locavore Kapitolyo

I was glad to be reunited with my fellow foodies to try out this less-than-a-month old restaurant in Kapitolyo: Locavore. 

Located along a street where it is unlikely to see a restaurant, I walked past warehouses before I finally spotted the huge rooster logo in front. 

"Locavore" means a person eating locally produced food, even the menu is nothing unfamiliar. 

For appetizers or pampagana, we ordered Chicharones (Php 220) and Kinilaw Platter (Php 380).


The Chicharones was very crispy but too salty, not even the pinakurat can save it. 

The place is huge on kinilaw, so we opted for the platter. Our choices are Fresh River Shrimp, Kalibo Oyster, and Tuna.

Kinilaw Platter

Our unexpected favorite was the Fresh River Shrimp, but I liked the two others as well. Tanigue and Lapu-Lapu are available for kinilaw as well. 

While waiting for the main dishes, we enjoyed their cocktail drinks: mine is Dalanjuan (Php 240) while my friend got Calamanjito (Php 240). Both drinks are Don Papa Rhum-based with organic mint. 

Calamanjito and Dalanjuan

I was impressed that even most of their alcoholic drinks are using local brands. 

For main dishes or ulam, we ordered Gising-Gising (Php 290) and Boneless Lechon Belly (Php 550).


I liked that Locavore took one of my favorite veggie dishes to the next level by using French beans with sigarilyas. I wish they added a more spicy kick to it, though. 

Boneless Lechon Belly

What I was excited about was the Boneless Lechon Belly. It was crunchy and heavenly, though a bit salty as well (like the Chicharones). 

I should take note of how they served my Steamed Organic Brown Rice (Php 70).

Cute! :)

For dessert, we shared a Turon con Leche (Php 220), their spin on the turon was fantastic, using puff pastry instead of the usual lumpia wrapper. 

Turon con Leche

It was a light yet delicious ending to a lovely meal. I wish I could have drunk the leftover dulce de gatas though. :P

Locavore is fairly new and can still be adjusting its flavors, so the saltiness of some of the dishes is still forgivable. I was impressed by how they highlighted the kinilaw, a dish not a lot of Filipino restaurants give their focus on. The prices were quite reasonable, and the dishes are good for sharing. 

I'd love to give this place a visit again but maybe I'll give it a few months more. 


10 Brixton Street,
Bgy. Kapitolyo
Pasig City


  1. They propably went salt happy and used too much salt on some dishes :)

    I would love to try the local cocktails with the cute names and the intersting looking turon de leche :)

    Hi Michy! :)

    1. Hi Zai! Yeah, they probably didn't know that they put too much brine on it.

  2. The place look impressive! And supporting local produce is a great concept! But the prices a bit mahal and serving size not that big, tama ba? =)

    1. The prices were quite reasonable, pero some dishes have small servings nga.

  3. Turon con Leche sounds interesting. =)

  4. pilipinong pilipino. mukhang masarap lantakan yung kinilaw at saka yung chicharon. haha

  5. Looking at the chicharon!! and alam ko ng crunchy.. but WHY!!??!! why does it have to be too salty?!! SAYANG

    1. Yeah, too salty, I hope they'll improve on this though. :)


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