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Weekend Bonding at Mountain Lake Resort, Caliraya Springs (Part 1)

Extremely ecstatic, that was my feeling when I was invited to have a weekend getaway with my college friends at Caliraya Mountain Lake Resort.

We arrived at the resort early Saturday morning, and we were lucky to be greeted with lots of sunshine, refreshments, and this lovely view from the clubhouse:

From the Clubhouse, we couldn't help walking towards the golf course. The vast field was indeed breathtaking. 

We had our late lunch at La Cucina de Caliraya, which specializes mostly in Filipino dishes. 

Lechon Manok

After our hearty lunch, we were toured around the hotel and other facilities.

We were shown the Deluxe Room, which has 1 single bed and 1 double bed. Other rooms available are Standard Room, Superior Room, and Family Room. 

Massage Room

Also available is the spa, with massage rooms, sauna and jacuzzi, if you need some destressing. 

Marina Resort

Amihan Hut Villas

We were finally dropped to the Marina Resort, where we stayed for the night. 

My friends and I shared one Nipa Hut Villa, which was very spacious for the four of us. 

We were also provided mattresses, pillows, blankets, toiletries, towels and drinking water. The Nipa Hut Villa is covered with mosquito nets and has electric fans (which you will not need at night, I swear!). A well-maintained communal toilet and bath is available nearby. 

View from our nipa hut villa

Dory Fishing Village

As sunset was about to approach, we tried our fishing skills at the Dory Fishing Village. We were provided fishing rods and pellets for the activity. 

Did we catch fish? Well, we didn't, but the other group did. :P

2 huge cream dory
Sunset view

We went back to La Cucina de Caliraya for a bountiful dinner.

Caliraya Spring Bulalo
Salt and Pepper Spareribs
Caliraya Spring Sisig
Sinigang na Dory

I really loved the bulalo and the sisig. And yes, the dory that our friends caught earlier was served as well. 

After the dinner, we belted out some songs at the Karaoke Bar Lounge

To cap off our night, we went back to the Marina and gathered for the bonfire. 

We shared some stories and jokes while warming ourselves in the bonfire. And as soon as the fire burned out, we went back to our villas for a nice sleep. 

To be continued. 


  1. Ang cute cute ng mga nipa huts. ^_^ It's a wonderful place to while away, really.


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