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Wang Mai Cafe, Bangkok

During our stay in Thailand, I realized that we rarely sat down to have a quiet breakfast. One of those rare moments was when we were looking for a place to have coffee before we proceeded to The Jim Thompson House. While walking along the National Stadium area, we found this cute little coffee shop: Wang Mai Cafe

Located within the National Stadium compound, Wang Mai Cafe is quite straightforward: they only offer coffee and tea drinks -- hot, iced, or frappe. 

It is a place where people can sit quietly and drink coffee, or just do some people-watching, the kind of peace I want whenever I drink coffee, not the buzzing sound of people talking loudly while tapping on their laptops. 

I had an Iced Latte for 50 Baht (Php 68) while my friend ordered Thai Tea Frappe for 50 Baht (Php 68). 

Thai Tea Frappe and Iced Latte

I'm not really a tea person, but I will take Thai tea anytime. :)

But of course, I'm still too biased with my coffee. :p

Luckily, Wang Mai also sells Spring Rolls (3 pcs for 20 Baht or Php 27) that morning, so we grabbed those too. 

Though not freshly-cooked, the Spring Rolls were still delicious and bit crispy. 

The staff was genuinely friendly, especially the lady who had to ask us which country we came from because she said we look Thai. I like the simplicity and the homey ambiance of this place, I do hope I could stumble another coffee shop like this soon. :)


Wang Mai Cafe
between National Stadium and MBK
Rama 1 Road,
Wang Mai Pathumwan,
Bangkok, Thailand


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