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1780 by SariSari: The Hidden Gems of the Philippines in 1 Website!

I was invited last October 15, 2014 to witness the launch of the the sub-portal dedicated for the products from the different parts of the archipelago to reach out on a wider market: 1780 by SariSari.

These products are carefully sourced from 17 regions, 80 provinces, Sarisari highlights the best that the Philippines has to offer in terms of gastronomy and craftsmanship. 

1780 by SariSari puts a modern flair to a variety of Filipino products. Patti Grandidge, owner of handcrafted cupcake store Sweet Patti Cakes, has created a limited edition cupcakes using the organically-grown Dark Chocolate from Kablon Farms. Amina Aranas, a local designer and fashion influencer, collaborated with one of 1780 by SariSari's merchants to craft a bag using native materials which will be sold exclusively on the site. 1780 by SariSari was also joined by Ivan Henares, a traveler and tourism influencer, who discussed his advocacy towards heritage products and sites around the country. 

Limited Edition Cupcake (made from Kablon Farms chocolate) by Sweet Patti Cakes

Here are some of the products that will be sold in the site:

McNester's Mango Products from Guimaras

Josephine's Jewelry / Banigs by the Badjaos of Zamboanga

Kablon Farms from Cotabato

CT South Tropic Fruit Wines from Cotabato

South Tropic's wines carries a variety of wine flavors: mangosteen, passion fruit, durian, jackfruit, pineapple, dragon fruit and many more. 

Marbell's Bell Pepper Sauce

Charito's Delights Hopia de Pili from Region XIII

Coin Purses and Hand Bags from Nito

Ormoc Uphill Pineapple Marmalade

These products are beautifully-packaged, and quite fitting to be given as gifts this holiday season. 

These are a few artisan products that can be purchase via the website. Visit their main portal and their sub-portal at to order.

Thanks to Geiser-Maclang for having us. 


1780 by SariSari
Twitter: @1780bysarisari 


  1. The McNester's Mango products are interesting. Wonder how the ketchup tastes? =)

  2. I'm glad that there are initiatives that help uplift Filipino products. We really need to love our own and stop patronizing foreign brands.
    I have scheduled this post in this Facebook page I manage to showcase bloggers' posts. I hope you can help me make it grow by liking and introducing it to your friends. I have also created a group for comment exchange, etc. You can join here.


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