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10 Things I Love About Thailand

The wanderlust in me has unleashed once again as I went on a 5-day trip to Thailand. I have visited two cities, Bangkok and Chiang Mai, and I totally loved the whole experience! I couldn't wait to share all the places I have visited, the friends I have gained along the way, and the amazing food I discovered.

Before I even planned my trip to Thailand, I have heard most people say that Thailand is much like our country. However, I would like to disagree with this impression because Thailand knows how to treat tourists better than we do (sorry, Philippines, it's true).  

Here are some of the things I loved about the Kingdom of Thailand, and the reasons why I'm itching to go back and stay longer. 

1. The trains in Bangkok

We went to our guesthouse in Bangkok from the airport riding the trains, using the Airport Link to the BTS, and it was so convenient. The people were very disciplined as well. No pushing, no shoving, and lots of space too. The waiting times are reasonable too. 

2. The affordable accommodations

We opted to rent a private room in Bangkok through AirBnB, instead of booking a hotel room. It was a good choice, and our host was very helpful. There are a lot of cheap accommodations around Bangkok and Chiang Mai that you can stay for a week without burning a hole in your pocket. 

3. Helpful Thai people despite the language barrier

We got lost lots of times in Bangkok, but Thai people would go out of their way to give us directions (one even took us to the right bus stop) even if some can't speak English. 

4. The freshly brewed Thai coffee

I almost cried when I sipped my first Thai coffee, it was indeed delicious! The rumors are true: the best ones can be found on the streets. Price ranges from 17 Baht (Php 23) to 55 Baht (Php 74). 

5. The street food is delicious

During our stay, we rarely ate in a mall or restaurant because the street food was sooooo delicious, aside from cheap. The ingredients weren't scrimped as well. More about it in my future posts. ;)

6. The rivers are clean

In Bangkok, the Chao Phraya River is used for daily transportation, and for tours. How useful our rivers could be if we don't pollute it. Maybe it could help lessen our traffic. 

7. The fast internet

We bought a tourist sim for 299 Baht (Php 406) so we can stay connected wherever we go (and for GPS too), this includes mobile internet for one week. And damn, the connection was so fast! Wi-fi is also available in public areas, I just wasn't able to figure out how to connect to public wi-fi's.

8. The airports are very accessible

Bangkok has two airports - Suvarnabhumi (new) and Don Mueang (old). As we had flights in both airports, we were relieved that going to and from the airports wasn't difficult. Whether via taxi or bus or airport link, shuttling was a breeze, to think that Bangkok is quite a busy city. 

9. The Bangkok skyline

Bangkok has a lot of rooftop bars and we went to one to see the Bangkok skyline. It was breathtaking. 

10. The flavors of Thai cuisine

I admire Thai cuisine way before I planned on visiting Thailand, so I was happy to discover that there are short Thai cooking courses that I can go to. I went for an evening course in Chiang Mai, and I can now make my own Pad Thai and other Thai dishes. 

These are only a few of the reasons I admire Thailand. More stories soon! :)

Note: 1 Baht = 1.36 Pesos


  1. Nice post! I wish to spend more time in BKK the next time I go there. Definitely lots of hidden gems still. =)

    1. Thanks Lovelee! My stay still wasn't enough. I want to stay around 1-2 weeks next time. :)

  2. Hmmm can you really cook now? So does that mean you're going to let me try it? hmmmm HAHAHAHAHA!!!! have a good one girl :D

    1. I will try my best to replicate a Pad Thai this weekend. hahaha! :)

  3. Just a Chiang Mai native who stumbled upon your blog.

    If you have problem communicate with locals, esp. in BKK, look for help from middle class people, like the ones who dress formal or teenage who dress properly. Tell them that you are Filipino and need help. They usually know how to speak English and willing to help tourists. Their English might not fluent since they don't use it in daily life, plus they are shy to speak, but it's better than none.

    In CM it might be a bit hard to find those who dress formal. But don't get them wrong, some are fairly rich. They just don't dress in formal way because they have their own business, not the salary man, so they dress whatever they'd like if they don't have any business appointment. Most of them can speak English.

    Agree that the "true" Thai food can be found on the street. I once had a Tom Yam Kung at a so-called Thai resto in the States. Well, if they didn't tell me it's Tom Yam Kung I would not know that. (Not to talk about it's the worst soup in my life till now) I'm not sure but I heard that in PI, street food is usually common for the poor (This question always on my mind if it's true and I cannot find the answer. Please correct me if I'm wrong) Here in Thailand, all, even a millionaire, eat it.

    Next time I would suggest you to take more time in CM. The best time is middle to late Nov to Feb, which is the high season for tourism and there will be a lot of fairs and exhibitions. You can shop till you drop and I mean it. :) Also it's the time that CM is the most beautiful since there will be a lot of flowers, like the Himalayan cherry at Khun Chang kian. You can search for the pictures on the net.

    Thailand, like every country in the world, have both good and bad sides. Glad that you like my country. Be our guest again anytime you'd like. You are always welcome here. :)

    1. Hi Sasapong, thank you so much for dropping by my blog. I really appreciate the tips (especially about the food). I hope I could go back to Chiang Mai, I really loved it there. I hope we could meet when I return. :)

  4. agreed with number 2,5,8 but not so sure about others haha :-)

  5. Love Thailand too!! The food is delish everywhere! There is only one thing that I dislike - the HEAT!! OMG - we made the mistake of going during the months of May and July - OMG - I wanted to die!! hahahaha...

    I miss the food!!

    Love, Didi

    1. That's why I always schedule my travel during non-summer season, di bale nang maulan wag lang mainit. hahaha. :P


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