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Jjimjilbang Experience at Lasema Spa

Note: Lasema Spa has moved to 8846 Sampaloc Street corner Estrella Street, San Antonio Village, Makati City

I was introduced by a good friend to a Korean spa located in Makati named Lasema Jjimjilbang Spa. I was able to visit the place twice, both visits were very relaxing.

So what is Jjimjilbang? Jjimjilbang is a Korean style sauna and spa. Moreover, Lasema is a multi-leisure health facility with sauna, jjimjilbang and massage.

my locker key

Before you enter the facilities, you will be given a locker key, which is also a tracker for the food and other purchases you will make inside the facilities. We were also given a shirt, shorts and a pair of towels. A robe will also be given if you are going to avail their massage services.

inside the locker room

The locker rooms are gender-segregated. The locker room is also connected to the shower area and sauna room.

I wasn't able to take a photo of the sauna room (because the guests should be naked). They have Ginseng and Green Tea hot pools and cold pool to balance your body temperature.

The Jjimjilbang area, however, is shared and the most spacious part of the spa.

inside the jjimjilbang

Lasema has 4 kinds of Jjimjilbang: Chungito, Salt Charcoal, Oak and Clay and the ice room. They also have cave rooms, an internet cafe, a snack bar and a library.

the door to the ice room
the heated rooms

How to enjoy inside a Jjimjilbang? Go inside a heated room (I would suggest that you go to Salt Charcoal first because it's the 'coolest' at around 51C), stay inside (or even lie around) for around 10 minutes, then go to the ice room to cool down. You may go to another heated room again after.

There's a small snack bar inside the jjimjilbang where you can buy noodles, drinks and other Korean snacks.

kimchi and mandu

I tried their Mandu during my first visit, which wasn't bad. I would suggest that you eat (there are restaurants outside the area) before you go inside Lasema.

The massage area is connected in the jjimjilbang. We got a massage after sweating inside the jjimjilbang. The massage rooms are also gender-segregated, but you can pay an additional fee for a couple's room.

You can stay inside for 12 hours, so after our massage, we got a space and had a nice sleep until the morning.

Jjimjilbangs is considered one of the beauty secrets of the Koreans. I believe it is true, as I felt calm and relaxed after our trip to Lasema.

I will surely go back here soon.


Sauna - Php 250
Jjimjilbang + Sauna - Php 450
Massage + Sauna - Php 650
Jjimjilbang + Sauna + Massage - Php 890

Sauna - Php 250
Jjimjilbang + Sauna - Php 550
Massage + Sauna - Php 650
Jjimjilbang + Sauna + Massage - Php 990


Lasema Plaza
Open 24 Hours
7232 Malugay Street,
Makati City
Contact Number: 8302222


  1. affordable.. now if theres one in qc.. i likey.. hehehehe :D :D :D

  2. I really want to go back, I love the saunas. I noticed that my tired skin has been rejuvenated after my Lasema experience.

  3. Do you call to reserve or do you just walk in?

    1. During my first visit, we just walked-in. I called for reservation on my second visit because it was a metrodeal coupon.

  4. The place is nice! I like the Korean vibe!:) The locker key is also intriguing! How it tracks even food purchases! :) Even if you suggest eating out, I can't help but drool over kimchi hehe Hoping I could visit the place soon!

    1. I hope you'll visit the place soon. You'll love it there! :)

  5. Wow, this place is quite near to me yet I never even heard of it! I'm always on the lookout for nice spas that are also affordable. Thanks for letting me know! I'll definitely drop by.

  6. Hi! I'm a bit confused. What's the difference between Jjimjilbang and sauna? Please answer. Thanks.

    1. The sauna is the gender-segregated area with hot pools. The jjimjilbang is the common area.

      *Sorry for the really late response. I saw this only now. :)

  7. Hi! Is it okay to go there with my guy friend? Thank you!

    1. Hi Aloner! Definitely. But take note that everything is gender segregated except for the common area. :)


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