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Family Fiesta by Dekada Historic Filipino Cuisine

My foodie friends and I were invited to a lovely Filipino restaurant in Glorietta interestingly named Dekada Historic Filipino Cuisine

Opened on June 12, 2013, Dekada is a tribute to the country's historic events and Filipino heroes. The place is also a tribute to historic decades, from the Spanish era to the 90s. 

cassette tapes, cassette players, plaka and VHS on display

Owned by the same owners of Teddy's Bigger Burgers, Boqueria and Sumo Sam, Dekada serves traditional Filipino food creatively named after popular figures in our history. 

souvenirs from the 70s

During our visit, we were served one of the Family Fiesta Sets, the Magwagi (Php 1999).

Magwagi Family Fiesta

Magwagi has these dishes: Yamashita (Sinigang na Sugpo sa Kamias), Aguinaldo (Twice-Cooked Adobo), Dominicano (Adobo Rice), Sakay (Bicol Express), Murphy (Crispy Pla-Pla with Eggplant), Rizal (Lechon Manok) and Laguna Salad. 


The Sinigang's broth was quite generous and more than enough for 4 persons. I thought the Twice Cooked Adobo's beef needed more cooking time since it was a bit tough for me. 

Rizal, Sakay, Laguna Salad

We loved the Adobo Rice that I couldn't stop myself from getting more. I particularly loved their deconstructed version of Bicol Express as well, which has the right amount of heat in it. The Lechon Manok, however, either needed more flavor or a better-tasting sauce with it. 


Never miss the Crispy Pla-Pla and the Laguna Salad, with ripe mango and green mango on it. 

I was overall impressed with the concept of Dekada, the service was impeccable (shoutout to our servers Luningning and Magarbo), the food was delicious, save for some dishes that needed some tweaking. Still, I would love to visit again and try more dishes and desserts next time. 

Dekada Menu

Thanks to Marcie Linao and Dekada for having us.


Dekada Historic Filipino Cuisine
2nd Level,
Glorietta 3
Makati City
Contact Number: 8420131

Other location is at Fairview Terraces


  1. Oh! I've been passing through their restaurant a lot whenever I'm at Glorietta. Thanks for posting the menu :) WIll try this soon especially since their pictures of bulalo look very enticing hehe :D

    1. You should visit Dekada soon, Allen. Let me know what you think after. :)

  2. And thanks Mich for inviting me. When you said I don't have to blog about it I wasn't planning on doing that anymore, but when we went there and was able to eat their food, I knew it's something that I'd have to share to my readers. Will share my own thoughts in my own blog soon!

    1. Can't wait to read your post, Marge! See you again soon! :)

  3. Wow, that Magwagi is really a winner! It's great that there are a lot of restos specializing on Filipino cuisine these days. I love the name of the dishes, playful but very Pinoy.

  4. Magwagi looks huge! The Dominicano looks interesting, we had a different rice dish when we went. The twice cooked adobo we had was very tender. I want to go there for merienda because they have a lot of affordable merienda offers :D

  5. Always wanted to try that style of eating but the family is not fond of halo-halo salo salo system >.<

    1. We should go then, with other foodie friends. :)


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