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Back to Maginhawa: Friuli Trattoria

After years of not visiting the foodie haven Maginhawa, my blogger friends and I found ourselves walking around this popular street looking for someplace to hang out. We ended up at Friuli Trattoria because it was still open at around 11pm. 

The place doesn't really look like the Italian restaurants that I visit. The walls are simply adorned with pictures of the dishes they serve, with chairs and tables that affordable restaurants use. 

For pasta, we had Angel Hair Putanesca (Php 140) and Pesto (Php 150).

Angel Hair Putanesca

I love how generous their portions are, considering the price. I personally preferred the Angel Hair Putanesca over Pesto, as I love angel hair pasta and the sauce blends well with it. The other dish had too much pesto on it that it ruined the flavor. 

For pizza, we shared their bestselling Tre Formaggi Pizza (Php 190).

Tre Formaggi Pizza

A ten-inch pizza topped with mozzarella, cheddar, and blue cheese, it was surprisingly delicious. The crust was not too thin nor too thick, and quite chewy. I would love to order this again on my next visit. 

Friuli Trattoria may not be at par with other Italian restaurants but they can deliver amazing dishes at really affordable prices. Save for the Pesto, we enjoyed the other dishes on our visit. I would love to try their other pizzas next time. 


Friuli Trattoria
79-A, Maginhawa Street,
Teacher's Village,
Quezon City
Contact Number: 4341416