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Late Night Cravings at MyTea

Note: This restaurant is already closed. 

Tucked inside the busy streets of BGC is a small milk tea shop that serves not only milk tea but affordable food as well: MyTea

Unlike other milk tea shops, MyTea offers snacks, rice meals, and even noodles to go with the drinks. :)

Wintermelon and Royal Boba Milk Tea

Mango-Orange Yoghurt Smoothie

Dark Choco Cream Froth

My friends tried the Wintermelon Milk Tea (Php 85 for medium, Php 95 for large) and Royal Boba Tea (Php 85 for medium, Php 95 for large), while I had the Mango-Orange Yoghurt Smoothie (Php 95 for medium, Php 105 for large) and the Dark Choco Cream Froth (Php 100 for medium, Php 110 for large). I was very satisfied with my drinks, though my friends wished that the tea flavor in their drinks be a little stronger. 

For snacks, we tried the QQ Bread (Php 75) and the Chicken Chops (Php 75). 

QQ Bread

But what I really loved was the QQ Bread, served warm and chewy. I didn't expect that I will devour almost the whole plate! 

For rice meals, we tried the Pork Char Siu Rice (Php 135) and Cordon Bleu Rice (Php 135). Upgrade it to fried rice by adding Php 30. For noodles, I had the Beef Brisket Noodles (Php 160).

Pork Char Siu Rice
Beef Brisket Noodles
Cordon Bleu Rice

The servings of the rice meals are good enough for a quick meal. The same goes for the noodles, which is a bit sticky because MyTea uses egg noodles for it. The beef was tender enough and the soup is soothing to the throat. 

Having late-night cravings for drinks or comfort food? MyTea can solve it. The food and drinks are of reasonable prices, and the staff was very accommodating. The place is open until 3AM, so if you want a quick snack or drink, drop by MyTea. :)

Thanks to MyTea for having us. 


Unit 1-D Sapphire Residences,
2nd Avenue corner 31st Street,
West Bonifacio Global,
Taguig City
Twitter: @MyTeaOfficial 


  1. I've seen this before but never bothered going in yet am always on the go when i'm at BGC. waaah that side popup ad is a turnoff haha.


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