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3rd Anniversary Giveaway #1: SumoSam GCs from Zomato!

Note: Winner announced! :)

It's that time of year again.

This blog just turned THREE! Yep, you read that right. I'm still in awe that this silly idea of mine has been running for this long. Thank you so much for reading my stories and reviews. :)

As a foodie, I read a lot of food news and food blogs for suggestions on where to try next or to check out what's new. But aside from that, I check out Zomato most of the time. 

Zomato is an online restaurant guide where you can check out ratings from fellow foodies, information about restaurants like address, contact details, menu, among others. It really helps that Zomato also has an app, which comes handy because I'm out most of the time. 

With the help of Zomato, I'll be giving away Php 2500 worth of SumoSam gift certificates.

Kindly read the guidelines before joining:

1. This giveaway ends on July 21, 2014.
2. The GCs may be used in Powerplant Mall branch or Shangrila Plaza mall branch only. 
3. The gift certificates will expire on August 7, 2014.



I just sent you an email on how to claim your prize. Will be picking another winner if she fails to reply after 2PM, Wednesday.

Thank you so much to Zomato for the GCs. Good luck guys! 


Twitter: @Zomato 


  1. best thing of zomato? easy access and on the spot access. :D

    thanks michy and zomato :D :D :D

    jeng del rosario (my name in zomato too)

  2. Zomato helps me find the best restaurant in town :) I could find helpful reviews that give me idea on what food and place I should look for

    ARra Odeza (Zomato Name)
    Arra Odeza

  3. Zomato is where I can find reviews that could help me decide where to dine in whenever I am in a particular place.

    Dovi Amor Sabong
    Zomato: Dovi Amor Sabong

  4. Zomato is easy access about best restaurant in town gives you info and ideas which best place and food to eat

    Maricel Fajardo

  5. Zomato helps me find and locate the best resto in the Metro.

    Vivian Aguilar

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  7. i love to eat and explore! zomato is very helpful to find the best resto in Metro Manila!

    Lovely Joy Merced

  8. I love zomato so much..
    Mercy grace Dela Cruz

  9. best way to find where to eat. joan rafunzel medina/// rafunzel medina

  10. Zomato is where I can find reviews for the restos before I go to eat.
    Abigail sy
    Zomato: gayle sy

  11. the menu

    stacy liong (my name in zomato too)

  12. I like Zomato because I can read up unbiased reviews on restaurants in the Philippines.

    Lawrence Andrew Fernandez
    Zomato name: Lawrence Fernandez

  13. Well, Zomato helps me find the coolest restos anywhere. Also gives me tips on how to do a review since I am a food blogger. :D

    Brian Macasa

  14. Zomato is a baby in resto finding but fast becoming a leader in the area so I think I can trust Zomato in their food review

    Robert Jonathan Chan

  15. Zomato provides a copy of the actual menu, with pictures that is, which is a huge help for me when I want to try out a resto.

    Name: Marizza Domingo
    Email address:
    Zomato name: Mariz Domingo

    Thank you! :)

  16. Best thing about Zomato is they will give you a head's up with the resto of your choice.. and budget friendly

    FB / Zomato Name: Jeda Gonzales

  17. Zomato is where I can find reviews of a good restaurant and a good food to eat :)

    name: Kristine Domingo
    email address
    Zomato name: kikay-much-2433138

  18. Zomato is an apps where I can share some food find by sharing food photo to all food lovers. At least if they do not know the name of the food they can just show the picture of the food at zomato.

    Margaret S. Chan
    Zomato Name : marge88

  19. zomato is the best apps the help me to find the best resto in the metro :) more power and thanks for the chance to win this.

    Kelly john a biasong
    zomato name:kelly biasong

  20. Zomato is where I can find reviews of a good restaurant 24/7.

    Allan Reyes

  21. What's the best thing about Zomato for you? For me the best thing about Zomato is that they make a lot of restaurant's menu available for viewing, just perfect whenever Id like to take a look at the food's prices of a certain restaurant/fast food :)

    leahlyn macatangay
    leahlyn macatangay

  22. Best thing about Zomato is that its make it available for me to find resto that suites my budget and cravings for the day. <3

    Karen Bernarte
    Karen Po

  23. It has information on how much you should be allocating your budget if you are going to eat at a certain restaurant

    Kimberly Camille Tiu
    Kimberly Camille Tiu

  24. The best thing I like about the folks behind Zomato is the importance they give to what their customers think. I love the way they crowdsource ...

    Don Balboa

  25. I love the reviews! I can get all the info that I needed.
    Faith Hazel Almario
    Faith Almario: Zomato name

  26. Zomato is very useful in helping you out in looking the best food location that you order or dine out.

    Joyce Gabriel
    Joyce Gabriel

  27. Zomato makes my restaurant hopping very easy and budget ready.

    Baby LIezl Pedragosa
    Baby Liezl Pedragosa

  28. Zomato has been my one-stop site when I am looking for restaurants and food-stop! I always rely on Zomato when it comes to dining areas that our family will enjoy! :)
    Ma. Eddielli R. Bungay

  29. i love Zomato because, Now, i can easily compare what and where to go about which is better restaurants because Zomato have a really good reviews and articles.
    James Jun Cubelo

  30. AS a Mom with 3 picky eaters, Zomato is my basis before we try a particular restaurant or cuisine.
    Laarni Bucao

  31. the best thing about zomato is you can read an honest review

    FB/Zomato Name: Sena AGon

  32. What's the best thing about Zomato for you?
    My family and I loves to try out new dishes/ restaurants/ or anything about food.
    That's why I use Zomato as a reference for checking out the menus, price, location and feedback from the users who have already tried.
    It is the most convenient way of getting info on where to and what to eat in a certain restaurant. :D <3

    Maria Christina Gumatay

  33. the best thing about zomato is you can take your time choosing where to dine before you actually dine :P

    Phyllis Aquino
    zomato/fb name: Pikey Aquino

  34. It allow me to choose wisely before picking and eating.
    Rolly Pega Nunez

  35. Zomato helps as visualize the food in the restaurant and connects to people that experience the taste of food.

    Marie Diane Acierto

  36. Helps me to find what's new and locate all the resto and best menu!

    Riyalyn Gatdula

  37. Hi happy 3rd blog anniversary :)
    for me the best thing about zomato is, its an easy access to my favorite resto in town

    Analyn Cellan

  38. Happy Blog Anniversary.
    Like Zomato because people here really give a fair and trustful review

    Jeff Nocasa
    Zomato Name: Jepoy Dcn

  39. With Zomato I can hunt down the best food spot in the metro.
    Janice Que

  40. With Zomato I can hunt down the best food spot in the metro.
    Janice Que
    ZOMATO NAME: Jaja Que

  41. with zomato i can find the sweetest spots for food wonders
    raymond crisostomo
    zomato: raymond crisostomo


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