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Celebrating Spring with Maifest Dishes in Brotzeit!

Maifest is a traditional German celebration of the arrival of spring after a cold winter. 

For Germans, it is time to sit by the Maypole with a cold glass of Munchner beer while grilling big portions of meat and sausages and preparing dishes made from the traditional stalk of the season, asparagus. 

For a limited time, Brotzeit serves an Epicurean feast of Asparagus dishes, best paired with a Paulaner Original Munchner Marzen, which is also available for a limited period only. 

For starters, we were served Spargel mit Shinken or White Asparagus Ham Roll (Php 480) and Spargelsuppe or Cream of Fresh Asparagus (Php 180 for a bowl, Php 110 for cup).

Spargel mit Shinken or White Asparagus Ham Roll
Spargelsuppe or Cream of Fresh Asparagus

Spargel mit Shinken is served with a salad with eggs, potatoes, and pickles, a very light and healthy dish to start the meal. I love that the Spargelsuppe wasn't too thick, and the creaminess and flavor are well balanced. 

While waiting for the main dishes to be served, we enjoyed the Paulaner Original Munchner Marzen (Php 165 - Php 200 for 0.3 L). 

Paulaner Original Munchner Marzen 

Chef Ivan Maminta, the culinary director of Brotzeit Philippines, calls it the Spring Beer. The summer-long fermentation of this lager beer lends the brew it's light caramel hue and smooth body. 

For mains, we were served Schwenkbraten (Php 450), and Schweinkotelett mit Petatou (Php 690). 


Schweinkotelett mit Petatou 

Schwenkbraten is grilled pork schnitzel skewers, served with potato salad and asparagus. It is kinda similar to a kebab (another dish that I love), it was perfectly grilled and perfectly seasoned. A wonderful surprise for us was the Schweinkotelett mit Petatou, or grilled pork chop with petatou, a French-inspired potato dish topped with melted feta. This 400-gram glory was impressively tender that our knives cut through it easily. Both dishes are good for sharing. 

The most exciting dish for me (or for any other steak fan) was the Lungebraten mit Spargeln (Php 890).

Lungebraten mit Spargeln

Lungebraten mit Spargeln is beef tenderloin with steamed parsley, potatoes, and white asparagus. The temperature of the meat was just right, and the meat was very tender and succulent. 

After our hearty Maifest feast, we indulged ourselves with my favorite dessert by Brotzeit, the Schokokuchen or Chocolate Cake (Php 270).


Chef Ivan emphasized that the Schokokuchen is now made with Valrhona chocolate and homemade Stracciatella ice cream. I personally order this every time I visit Brotzeit and I would love to have this cake again and again. :)

Maifest dishes will be available until the end of June only, so visit Brotzeit as soon as you can for a Bavarian spring experience.


Thanks to Brotzeit Philippines for having us.


Brotzeit Bier Bar & Restaurant
112 Street Level
EDSA Shangri-la Mall
Mandaluyong City
Contact No. 6311489
Facebook Page: Brotzeit Philippines 


  1. Ok I cannot write let alone pronounce the name of the dishes by they sure look delectable to me. It's too pricey though. I am not a beer drinker so I'm not sure if I'm going to like their lager.

    1. I do hope you'll visit Brotzeit sometime, Marge. :)

  2. Allright the names are difficult to pronounce. I might have second thoughts to try to the place for I might look dumbfounded looking to their menu. Lol. but anyway, I might still consider since Germans are known for their beers. Cheers to my beer belly.

  3. I can't pronounce the name either haha but the food looks interesting and I bet the Hubby will love the Spring Beer!:) Hoping we could try this one time. :)

  4. It's a challenge to pronounce the dishes names, haha! I tried reading them aloud, actually. Lol! But everything looks good, ha! :)

  5. i loveee their flavored beers

    1. I have tried the Banana Beer before. I loved it! :)

  6. I haven't tried any German cuisine restaurant yet, but they sure do look like American dishes! :)


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