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Tiolo, That Little Cafe in the Boondocks

It has been a long time since my good friend Zai and I bonded. We would always meet in group gatherings but never had a chance to talk. That's why I was so giddy when he had time for lunch with me. We met at this small cafe near his place called Tiolo

I have been hearing lots of good things about this restaurant, so I was excited to try it for the first time. 

While enjoying our fruit juices, we shared the Lumpiang Ubod (Php 55).

Lumpiang Ubod

A healthy starter to balance what we ordered for mains. :P

For main dishes, we got Buffalo Wings (Php 98), Pork Belly (Php 68), and Baby Back Ribs (Php 176). All of these were served with red java rice.

Buffalo Wings
Pork Belly

The Buffalo Wings had quite a spicy punch in it. If you like saucy and spicy wings, you'll like this. Zai's favorite is the Pork Belly, served with vinegar dip. I could understand why I loved it too. :)

We were supposed to try some steak, but it wasn't available during our visit, so we settled with the Baby Back Ribs instead.

Baby Back Ribs

I was surprised at how huge it was. The meat was tender and flavorful. I just hoped they'll improve on the presentation though. 

I liked everything that we had, except for the peppery java rice. The dishes are good enough for the price, and the serving was satisfactory. Tiolo is a nice place to enjoy some comfort food and hang out with friends. I should go back to try the steaks and pasta next time. 


(across Unciano Hospital)
2145 Circumferential Road,
Bgy. San Roque, 
Antipolo City


  1. How cute, it exudes a Mexican vibe from outside so I was surprised to see Filipino food, lol! I agree, they should improve the look of the Baby Back Ribs, di siya mukhang ribs kaloka.

    1. They really should. But it tasted okay naman. :)

  2. I see they have Cordon Bleu on the menu! Mukhang diverse ang menu nila. :)

    1. Yes, our city doesn't have much restaurants like this, mostly fastfoods lang so I was happy that a place like Tiolo opened. :)

  3. Hey Michy! Glad you were finally able to try Tiolo. Next stop - Kampai! :)

  4. whew! the place has a southern american vibe from the outside.. and then ang mura lang pala ng meal. :)

  5. I love Chicken Buffalo wings! Lalo na with rice, even java rice. Yum! =)

    1. Me too, except that their java rice has too much pepper on it. >.<


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